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Fast Facts

Official Name: Commonwealth of Australia

Capital City: Canberra

Population: 23.13 Million

Official Language: English

Religion: Catholic

Government Facts

Head of Government: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnball

Lawmaking Body: Parliamentary Democracy

National Symbols

  • Flower: Golden Wattle
  • Colors: Green and Gold
  • Anthem: Advance Australia Fair

Tourist Hot Spots

Geography Facts

Tourist Hot Spots: Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House, and Great Ocean Road (pictured above)

Total Area: 2,988,885 sq miles

Climate: ranges from moderate temperature to extreme cold

Highest Point: Mount Kosciusko at 2,228 meters above sea level

Lowest Point: Dry bed of Lake Eyre at 15 meters below sea level

Major Body of Water: Lake Eyre and Laker Gordon

Significant Landforms: Great Barrier Reef, 12 Apostles, and Horizontal Falls

Economic Facts

Currency: Dollar

Major Natural Resources: Zinc, Coal, Iron Ore, and Nickle

Main Industry: Clothing, Steele, Mining, and Technology

Exports: Gold, Cars, Computer, and Coal

Imports: Nickel, tabacco, salt, boats, ships


Popular Foods: Meat Pie and Fish and Chips

Major Holidays and Festivals: Christmas, ANZAC Day, Queens Birthday

How are holidays and festivals celebrated: Christmas is celebrated like it is in America, ANZAC Day is celebrated by playing a gambling game, and Queens Birthday is celebrated playing Cricket and other games.

Most popular pastime and activities: Cricket, Boomerang, Dancing, and Surf Boarding.

Famous people: Chris Hemsworth, Liam Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman, Heath Ledger