Book Report

Emalie Kate Rabon


October 1, 2011

Harriet Castor

Harriet is a successful and striving author. She had her very first book published when she was just fourteen years old. Harriet writes for a variety of audiences: teens, young adults, and also children. The book is based on the story about King Henry VIII. He is crowned when he is seventeen years old and he believes it is his destiny or fate to rule as the King of England. The book is highly liked and normally rated with 4 or 5 stars. Although the book has never received any awards for the book, it is liked and mostly gets good feedback and reviews.

Quotes from the Book

"You are my second son. What's a king's second son for?"

This quote is said by Hal's father to him and proves his verbal abuse to Hal. His father is pointing out to him that he is of no use and that he is worthless, which shows why he changed his character.

"Catherine is the problem, I need a new wife."

Hal goes to court and attempts to convince the Pope to let him divorce his wife, for another woman, Ann. He wants to marry her because he says it was wrong to marry Catherine. He goes on to persuade them, which shows his on going divorces like Henry VIII who marries six women and all of them but one die.

"The boy grips the window...He stares out at the world, drinking it in urgently, drinking it in as though he will never see the world again. No, it is not the boy: It is me. It is him in me and me in him."

Hal finally realizes that the figure is in fact himself. He realizes that the boy reflects him when he was younger. He has no changed into a completely different person now and this boy gives him a visual of the person he used to be and should be. He finally sees and figures out that he has learned that he really has changed into a different person.

Main Conflict

The conflict in the book can be described as man vs. self conflict, or an internal conflict and also a man vs. man conflict. Hal was struggling with his inner demons and the verbal and physical abuse of his parents. He received verbal abuse from his father when he told him that he was a useless child and that his brother Arthur was the important child who was going to become King and he says he is unfit for the throne. He received physical abuse from his mother when he overhears her talking to the Priest about something and she hits him, leaving a cut on his face when he was only six years old.
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Three Interesting Details

In the book, Hal receives very little to no love from his parents and is seen as unfit for the throne instead of amazing and a great role-model for his country. He also marries his brother's wife when he dies and they are married. She was considered his sister when she and Arthur married, so they had to get permission from the Pope and they eventually do, so he marries his sister basically. Hal sees this ghostly figure throughout the book also, and every time he sees the figure, it is the same age as him. He figures out that the figure is actually he himself and that it is the figure and a reflection of the person he used to be to show him the difference between the person he used to be and the person he has become.

Historical References

There are many historical references in the book like the fact that Henry VIII, or Hal in the book, was appointed King when he was a very young boy. Hal, the main character feels that it his destiny to become king and feels that he is the best choice for the job, like Henry VIII. Henry VIII became fascinated with the visual of power and control over people, so he abused his power and used it profoundly. This reference is reflected throughout the book by Hal also.

Book Review

The book gives you a very different view about Henry VIII and makes you think twice about his character as a person. Throughout the book he receives unfair and cruel treatment, which makes you feel some sympathy for him. The book gives a visual of how his home life and life as a child is and this is information you never read about. The information shows where his reasoning for being such an unfair and cruel ruler and you are able to see maybe the influence for his actions and way of ruling. The book is very well written and the author does a tremendous job of putting a reasoning behind his character as King.
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