New York Mohel Rabbi Avrohom Rubin

Bris Mohel Circumcision

Bris Mohel Circumcision

Bris Milah or ritual circumcision has been practiced in the Jewish religion for more than 3000 years. Brit Milah is a commandment revered and cherished by all groups of Judaism. The fundamental of this mitzvah is serving Hashem our God with every fiber of our being. The Jewish religion is based on respect for others and peace. We as Jews strive to make the world a better and more morale place. Circumcision is a male's first opportunity to show our creator, his total subjugation to Hashem our God. Bris is a covenant with the Almighty.Bris Milah is a spiritual custom and is celebrated with utmost pomp and celebration. The food served by a bris milah is considered food of a seudat mitzvah, food from a holy ceremony.

As a mohel bris, it is my duty and honor to perform the bris in the most safe and sterile fashion, insuring the Childs safety and insuring the sanctity of this special mitzvah. As a mohel, I constantly train and get updated on the most recent advanced techniques on the pain management, the precision and most of all the quality and care given to the child and family. I pride myself on the professionalism I exude for every one of the thousands of circumcisions I've assisted and performed. I treat each circumcision as its own unique case, giving it my fullest and utmost concern, attention and care. I treat each babies circumcision as if it was my child being circumcised.

When being called upon to perform a bris mila, I take all the family's needs and concerns in mind. I'm available before and after for all questions and concerns. After the circumcision I return to the house of the baby, and remove all the dressings and make sure he's healing properly. I leave each family feeling comfortable and with a complete understanding and the-know-how of what to do and what to expect. I'm always on call for parents regardless of their affiliation denomination and regardless whether they used my services or have chosen another mohel. The place the circumcision is performed I leave up to the family to decide, so that they are most comfortable and accommodating. I lead a very uplifting ceremony and do my best to incorporate all the aspects pertaining to each family's wants and needs.

I have performed Bris milah all across the United States, Canada, the Caribbean Islands and Israel. There's no place too far for this mitzvah. To me, this mitzvah is a special mitzvah that God has bestowed upon me to be able to fulfill for so many of his children. It's not an occupation it's a Godly mission. My phone is a way people can reach me and all who've experienced my services know that they can call at anytime, literally, my number is (646) 709 - 1374 or you can reach me by e-mail at can also read the many Doctor recommendations and see the many testimonials from some of the happy families I've devotedly served on my website Feel free to contact me at anytime for questions comments or just to get a clearer and better understanding.

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