Glenn's turning 6- Oh!!!

Calling on his "life group" - come & celebrate!

Glenn's Birthday

Saturday, April 16th, 10:30am to Sunday, April 17th, 11:45pm

1900 East Ocean Boulevard

Long Beach, CA

Our apartment number is 1114.

If you have difficulties finding parking on the street, you can park at the beach - but it does charge per hour between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM.

Here's what we're thinking.....

ALL PLANS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE CAUSED BY WEATHER OR THE DESIRES OF THE "LIFE GROUP"!! We are just so happy to have you come and see where we are!

Revised Proposed events!


10:30 Get ready for yoga in the park - welcome Bloody Marys

11:00 Yoga in the park (No joke - however, it is optional)

12:15 Lunch at the apartment

Long Beach Grand Prix - if you are curious about this, we could go down to that area

4:00 Coffee or adult beverages on 4th Street or Broadway

We'll stay in touch over the phone and MEET KEVIN AND CONNIE THERE

6:30 - ? Dinner downtown Long Beach, and pub crawl (or hop or jump or run)


10:00ish for Brunch at Claires Long Beach Art Museum (Down the block from us)

2:30 Rent Kayaks and check out the canals around Naples Island (very mellow)

4:00 - ? Walk down 2nd Street for afternoon libations and/or shopping