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Updates to several G Suite Apps


Throughout the past couple months, there have been some changes that have happened to the G Suite tools you use everyday. Some of them you may have already noticed, others are buried within drop down menus of various apps. However, the one thing that each of these is aimed to do is make your organization and preparation for class much more efficient. Below are a few highlights of changes that have occurred recently.

Google Slides

One major update to Google Slides makes your design look more professional and easier to organize.

Grids or Rulers for consistent design: As you're designing, it's easy to use the built in "guides" that appear red when you hover over the middle of the workspace horizontally and vertically. But, by adding grids, you're able to place them in the exact spot you'd like them, which will be consistent from slide to slide, making your design more professional. To access these, simply go to View > Guides. To assist with alignment, you are able to add a visual ruler, which can be inserted by going to View > Ruler.

Insert a Slide into a Google Doc: With the ability to insert a Google Slide into a Doc, you can complete many new tasks. In order to do this, select the individual slide you want to put into a Doc. Then, go to Edit > Copy. Next, open up the Google Doc you're wanting to insert it into and place the cursor at the desired location. Then, click Edit > Paste. Once it's pasted, you have the option to link the slide or not. This means that any edit made to the Slide on one app would reflect on the other, which is a major time saver!

Google Sheets

Collecting and reviewing data is wonderful, but, wanting to manipulate it or print a small portion of it can be cumbersome. But, there's an update for those!

Custom Paper Size and Page Breaks: Now, instead of only having the option to print to a common paper size, the option has been added to select a custom size to print. To do this, select File > Print and the option is available under the "Paper Size" dropdown in the print menu. Additionally, if you would like to select a small portion of the Sheet, select File > Print, and the option appears for you to Set Custom Page Breaks. Once set, click Confirm, and the page breaks are set!

Checkboxes!: A long-awaited inclusion into Google Sheets has finally arrived - checkboxes! In order to insert checkboxes down an individual column, click on Insert > Checkboxes and they appear! This will make permission slip collection and several other projects a lot easier to organize!

Google Sites

If you've made the cross over to the new Google Sites, you know how easy it is to navigate. So, it comes as not surprise that the old Sites is starting to be shut down, but can automatically be a template in the new Sites.

Convert to the New Slides: This feature is currently on a gradual roll out and not yet available to all users. But, it's pretty simple to convert from the old to the new. With the old site open, click on the gear icon (settings) and navigate to "Manage Site." Then, on the bottom of the sidebar to the left is the option to convert to the new Sites. This makes for a seamless transition and allows you to keep existing content, all the while working with the flexible, user-friendly new Sites.

Add a Custom Link: Up until now, the only custom links that could be added to the header or the sidebar were to existing pages within the site. New links could have been added in the body of the Site, but not the other locations. But, a recent update allows for custom links to be placed with the other pages. This means that a link to the school's social media pages, website, or even a Google Drive folder is available to all users. This is done by clicking the plus on the bottom, but instead of a new page, selecting the custom link option.

Cosmetic Changes Coming to Google Drive

This is an update that you may or may not have already noticed, and another update that is slow to rollout, but will be pretty awesome once it's fully available. On the Google Drive home screen, there are some changes that you will notice to the look: In the upper left hand corner, where the domain logo used to be is now the Google Drive logo. Then, that domain logo has been combined with the Google+ image you have selected for a rectangular combination. Previously a gray background, you will notice a crisp, clean white. Additionally, the Settings option and Help Center icons will move next to the search bar. but, the major difference you will notice is an updated "New" button! It is now a multi-colored plus as can be seen in the image to the right. This gives the brand more consistency across several products, including Google Photos, Google Home, and G Suite for Education.

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