The Renaissance

The Golden Age of Italy

The Change

The renaissance itself was a great change . It was a rebirth of art , math , architecture etc. lasting from 1300-1600 in Flourence . It started from the findings of Greek an Roman books found in Muslim country's from the Christian crusades . The view of human potential also change people viewed them selves differently . Humanism was created , which is more of a secular way of thinking. People didnt rely on church that much became more independent and , thought for them selves . Speaking of church their view on church also changed . Because of the selling of indulgences ( money for salvation ) . People did really agree with that so alot of people left the church an went to christainity .

The People of the Renaissance

The "Renaissance"man is a man who well rounded and excels in many fields . During the Renaissance there were a lot of out standing individuals who left there mark on history . For instance Filippo Brunelleschi was an amazing artist who was Florence's greatest architect , who created the Cuppolo of St. Maria del Fiore cathedral . He inspired modern buildings today with the dome design. Also Raphael because he showed amazing detail and a combination of Greek and Roman culture in his paintings . Machiavelli also was a remarkable renaissance man because he wrote the Prince a book about the wicked political system at that time . Unlike any other artist he rebelled and told the truth on how they were selfish , cunning , and ruthless .

The impact on society

Before the Renaissance the pope had Christian crusades on Muslims they won the first one but lost the other eight . The failed attempt to get back the "Holy Lands" and the Bu bionic plague resulted in a lost of influence for the church , but church was still a a big part of peoples lives . People left feudalism in search of a better life , because of this a new social class was created "Merchants" or skilled workers . The change also helped women accomplish the same thing as men ,but couldn't seek fame .

Modern Day Renaissance

The renaissance left a lot of effects on modern day Flourence and the world. If you look at arcitecture back then an today its identical . For example take our capitol building it has a dome shape roof , if you go to Flourence you'd see a catherdal by Filippo Brunelleschi thats in the same shape . Also take a look at the Cristain religion back then it was two types of Cristainism but because of the catholic church during the renaissance there are a vast variety of sects . The Renaissance was a wonderful thing for the country of Italy it helped bring the out the dark ages . And to this day helped with tourism , trade , and economy.
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