Wonderful World Of Kidney Stones

Dont get em


  • Kidneys

  • Urinary Tract

  • Urethra

  • Ureter

  • Bladder

Kidney stones can cut up the urethra causing severe pain and blood in urine.They can also get stuck in the bladder or ureter.The stones can cause infections in the kidneys and UTIs.

How the System Works Normally


  • You urinate normally

  • You don’t normally feel random pain

  • Your kidneys work normal

  • Urinary tract and kidneys free of infection

When you have Kidney Stones:

  • You urinate with pain and blood

  • You feel random pain

  • Your kidneys don’t work normal

  • The Urinary Tract can be blocked

  • The stone can be stuck in the bladder urethra or ureter

Who Gets Them

  • Usually males but females too

  • Any age but usually after 40

  • It happens most to Whites, Asians, and Hispanics

  • Men tend to get kidney stones at 40 and the danger increases as they get older

  • Women usually get kidney stones in their 50s


  • Family history of kidney stones

  • Certain medical conditions can make them

  • Some medications will put you at risk

  • If you are White or Asian you are more prone to stones than other races

  • Men get them more than women


  • They do an Ultrasound like they do with baby

  • Doctors can diagnose based on symptoms

  • Doctors can conduct blood tests which will show too much calcium or uric acid

  • Xrays

  • Urine tests will show the chemicals from stones


  • You may feel sharp random pain in your signs

  • You could piss blood in your urine

  • You could have to pee frequently

  • You could sweat a lot

  • There may be nausea or vomiting

  • Fever or chills

  • Foul smelling and odd colored urine

  • Difficulty passing urine


  • Drinking a lot of water can be helpful

  • IV fluids can help the passing of the stone

  • Extracorporeal shockwave therapy is useful

  • Ureteroscopic stone removal

  • Laser lithotripsy destroys the stone

  • Certain drugs and medicines help relieve pain and pass the kidney stone


The kidney stone will be passed or taken out and the victim will go on to live a normal life after


The research I went through said Gene Simmons and William Shatner both passed and sold their kidney stones and gave the money to charity

I selected this condition because I have heard a lot about it but knew very little about how they worked. Now I understand kidney stones much better.

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Kidney Stones