The Bully

By:Paul Langan

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Darrell moves to California.He faces a new threat,Tyray. Tyray is the bully.Darrell is scared of him and his friend Rodney.He meets people to get advice.He ends up with a girl,Amberlynn.At the end he faces his fear and beats him up.

Character Analysis

Darrell:he changes cause of the book Hatchet.When he reads it he knows what is happening to Brian.He is stuck in a island.Darrell is stuck in high school.Brian built's up confident and gets strong.Just as Darrell gets confident and gets strong.
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Paul Langan

Born in Philadelphia in 1972, Paul Langan spent his early childhood in the city before moving with his mother to southern New Jersey. There he attended public schools and later worked a variety of jobs—including salesperson at a shoe store, attendant at a horse ranch, landscaper at a mental hospital, and a night-shift stockperson in a warehouse.
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Book Comparison

This book is just like The Bully.They both in the begging get ignored.But Greg gets bullied by everyone .Its just both characters have a misable life.He makes people have a bad day.At the end of the book everyone strats forgiving him and gets another problem
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