Climate Change in Colorado!?

By: Sami V.

I claim that Colorado's climate is changing, we can see this when we look at the average temperatures from the past and compare them to our current average temperatures.

I predict that we can tell if the climate is changing by looking back at other data. I also predict that it will make a large impact on Colorado.

Represents Colorado's Climate is changing

Colorado Snow Pack Graph

This graph shows us that we are loosing the amount of snow fall that we originally have gotten in the past.

Average Annual Temperatures in Colorado 1900-2009

This graph shows that the average temperatures have increased over the years.

Frequency of Large Forest Wildfires vs. Average Temperatures During Fire Season

These graphs show that the more the temperature rises the more wild fires there are.

Arapaho Glacier, Boulder County, Colorado - Comparison Photos

These pictures show that the glacier has melted over the years due to the climate change.

Represents Colorado's Climate is not changing

Average Annual Precipitation in Colorado 1900-2009

This graph shows us that the amount of rain that we have gotten stays pretty much the same.

Temperature Changes and the Change in the Latitudinal Location of the Bird Species

These graphs show that even though the temperatures change and the latitudinal location changes over the years the amount of birds was still random.

Why should we care about the climate change?

We should care about the climate change because this is the climate that humans and all other animals are adapted to. And if the climate is all the sudden changing we could all die out if we don't adapt quick enough. We should also care because this is our planet and we only get one and if we destroy it then that's all that we get we don't get a second chance.