5 ways to Sell $500 in 5 Days

.... with Rebecca Minkoff! (and the 5 perks of doing it!)

Are you in love??

To make the most of our NEW collaboration with Rebecca Minkoff, these styles are bought to last the season, be sampled and shown at your style sessions. While we can never predict runaway demand, they are bought to last and many will stay in the line into 2018. Sample now and add these pieces to your display!

Stylist perks of 500 in monthly Qualifying Volume! (Go for it this month- there's still time!)

1) ~$125 in CASH commission (Now that’s a bill I can cover with S&D!)

2) September reward: Dial up your style, earn $50 product credit

3) Hit 500+ 3 months in a row, earn an additional $100 in product credit- consistency bonus!

4) Hit 500+ in any of the 3 months prior to one of our 4 main collection launches (and October is next!). Get the entire new line and previous style drops for 50% off! (You really want that now!)

5) Earn 2% of your sales back as credit- apply it to Look Books to help earn even more!

5 SIMPLE WAYS TO SHARE & EARN- it’s as easy as 5 orders!

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We love style sessions since you earn the most selling one to many! When you reach out- lead with your highest value offer.

  1. Book an online style session for this month. This is the way you’ll earn the most and build your future business one to many. Simply reach out to find a host so you can benefit from extending your business to her network. Invite today. We’ll help you KISS- keep it simply and stylish. Look for style videos and images for you to easily share into your event! You can find shareable images in MIMI. If you haven’t already downloaded, find it in the App Store and on Google Play.
  2. Host a style session at your place this week! Personally Invite 40 friends to swing by for the debut of Rebecca Minkoff and to see your fall arrivals. You can show the collection you have and share samples or images of RM pieces depending on your ship time. If you have not yet hosted 4 times in a year, you can also earn Hostess rewards and they are even richer through September! You’ll hear all the ohhhs and ahhh of - WOW- this looks even better in person. Now that I see it on, I have to have it!
  3. Share a personalized look product recommendation with 20 people. Lead with an offer for a style session in October, then sell individual orders to those that say no thanks to hosting! Something like “Hi Rainey, I thought you would love this look. I'm really excited to launch this new collaboration with Rebecca Minkoff as well as our gorgeous Fall collection for everyday style. I have a fun idea to update your fall fashion - why don’t we get your friends together to see this exciting new collaboration and try it all on. That way, you can also shop free and half off- that’s how I like to thank my hostesses! I have October 7th or 10th. Maybe a girls night in- sips and style, or a baubles and brunch? Which would your friends find more fun?” With personalized outreach and follow up, you can still expect 18 nos! Simply say -"ok great, I'll keep you on my list- and in the meantime, I'll send you a few personal suggestions you might love! Have fun getting style inspired and shop if you can't resist." Who to reach out to? Search your orders and reach out to all of those that bought similar style products. Try ear climbers, and note that your search results will show you two tabs- one for orders before our new site launch. You can add to your outreach “since you bought these earrings, I think you’ll love our latest styles from Rebecca Minkoff! ” Remember follow up is key. TIP: to increase your average order size, be sure to share several pieces as a look, not just one item.
  4. Pick an item of the day to Share on Social Media- Facebook & Instagram… It’s time to go live and show the pieces up close. Make your post personal and fun. Talk about setting up a style session- offering both in person and online, and let them pick. Follow up with all those that like or comment on your post and use the share a cart feature for easy sales. General posting is a great start, but its personal follow up with private messages that make the sale! Keep sharing and remember- all your friends don’t see every post.
  5. Sponsor to Build Your Style Squad Before the Holiday! Help others earn and you earn more too! Who are the top 5 people you would LOVE to be in business with? Reach out directly or ask your upline mentors to help. Share something like “Jackie, things are getting so exciting at Stella & Dot and I thought of you! I am growing a team and I would love to do this with you! Can we set up a time to chat? In the meantime, check out this link I just shared to highlight our new collaboration with Rebecca Minkoff and I’m going to invite you to watch a Facebook live tomorrow with our CEO & Founder Jessica Herrin. I think you’ll be super curious and you would be amazing at this! We really need more Stylists in your area for our Holiday season, so there is an amazing incentive offer- you can quickly earn an extra $750 in style to wear and share! Let’s talk! ” Share the Facebook event with them https://www.facebook.com/pg/stelladot/events/

And for those of you wondering, YES, the sign up special is THAT great. https://stellaverse.stelladot.com/docs/DOC-4980

This is super rich for your New Stylists…

Your new stylist automatically gets an extra $100 when she signs up. Then, when she sells $1,000 in her first 30 days, she earns $200 from regular jump start rewards (10% of her sales) PLUS an extra $200 on top of her regular $100 Quickstart Reward when she sells $1000 in 30 days! (That's a $200 Quickstart reward- and it's mentor matching, so the sponsor also earns $200 Product Credit when the new Stylist Quickstart qualifies!)

$1100 EXTRA free product + $250 Cash, fast! Here's how:

Free Product:

•$350 (initial sign up)

•$100 (October Sign up Bonus!)

•$250 (Hostess Rewards on your launch show)

•$100 (Jumpstart – 10% of sales at $1000)

•$100 (Quickstart Bonus)

$200 (Oct extra Quickstart Bonus – Mentor Matching)

$1100 Product Credit

CASH earnings!

$250 on $1000 sales - host one of your own launch events


Mentors earn $200 in product credit when their new stylist Quickstart qualifies with $1,000 in sales in their first 30 days!

WOW! Why so rich? It’s time to DOUBLE your team!

With our exciting Rebecca Minkoff collaboration and newly added apparel, we need business partners to share Stella & Dot.We are looking to DOUBLE our Stylist count to meet our expanded market demand, and we’d like to do that before the holidays! We’re looking for those that want to sell both online and in person, as well as build both part time or full time incomes. No style or sales experience required- training & fun provided.

Let’s do this! XO, Kelly

Kelly Cox

Platinum Director


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