By: Sawyer Nguyen

My Family

I have a mom, 2 half brothers, 1 sister, 2 half sister, one step father, and a dad. But unfortunately 2 of my half brothers are gone to somewhere else and my one of my half sister lives somewhere. Currently right now I am living with my half and full sister, my mom, and my step.

My Future

When I grow up thing are going to change around me and my family. My choice is either go Los Angelas to be an actor or go to some other career of mine that like such as FBI agent but stay in my home town. Things in the future is really hard by choice, family, and etc. Someday I will get thing that I want and need for me and my family, and live in a much larger and nicer house.

Thing that make me happy

Way that I can improve

1. I can try force my self to read better than before.

2. I would try to not to be afraid of new person and thing

3. I need to get stronger by exercising


1. Mistake are proof that you are trying your best by google

2. By being yourself, put something beautiful into the world that was not there before by Edwin Elliot.

3. Never Give Up by unclassified people

Career Clusters

I am align more with arts, audio, video technology because I can get creative with story, drawing, and music that I listen to. The cluster involve thing that I like to do such as drawing, listing and make music. That is the reason I join choir and art.

Careers: Movie Actor, Movie Directer, Video game designer, and etc.


My skills are drawing but the only reason why I draw weird but time, and Math because my grades are 90 or higher.