My name is Enni. I am 14-yer-old girl from Finland.

Here is something about me.

My family

There is 4 people in my family. Me, my mum, my dad and my little sister. I also have a dog called Ropi. Ropi is Shetland sheepdog.



This is my dog called Ropi. He is Shetland sheepdog and so kind. Our hobby is agility. We both like it a lot! It is a great pastime with your dog. I recommend it.


My hobby is snowboarding. I love it! I started it when I was six years old. I go snowboarding in Ruka in Kuusamo.

My home town

I live in Tyrnävä. It is a village near Oulu. I like to live there. But I still want to move somewhere else town or village.

That is Tyrnävä's coat of arms.

I hope we all enjoy this project.