Career Portfolio!

Software Engineer

Company Looking Foward To:

Robert Half Technology is a company the welcomes new software engineers that have no past professional experience.

This company is located all over the United States and its headquarters is in Dallas, TX. I'm looking forward to working and living in Dallas, TX. The company's contact phone number is "214-468-9191".

My work place is located in 32 degrees 47'13.33"N 96 degrees 47'57.59"W

Places I Find Interest In:

Museum Tower Dallas

Beautiful tall tower that seems quite unique do to its glass surface.

The Red Museum

This museum has a very unique look for 2016.

Cost to live in Dallas

It cost around $1120 to live in Dallas. I will have enough money to survive since I will be making around $50,000, which is around $25 - $30 per hour.