Henri Matisse

85 years

Background Information

Matisse was born the last day of the 1869 into a family of a grain merchant. His upbringing was very stern. Around the time he was ten his mother took him to his father's shop where she sold paints. Matisse claims this is where his sense of color began. However, he went to Paris to study law, even though he found it tedious. He finally began painting in 1889, thanks to his mother. His mother also encouraged him to not follow any rules of art, leading to his distinct, colorful style.

Even though he tried still-lifes for a time, he is best known for his work in Fauvism. He actually was one of the first to push for this movement. He tried many different mediums, including sculptures and even paper cut outs.
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"The Pineapple"
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"The Sorrow of the King" (Paper cut-outs)
This is my personal favorite from him. I'm not sure why but I'm thinking it's the use of shapes and the all around clever idea with the paper cut outs and the fact what I assume is the king looks slightly less human compared to the others. The colors are pretty nice too for being limited to solid colored paper.
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"Woman Reading"