Red Pandas

By: Catherine Irene Taylor

Fun Facts You Might Know

  • Red Pandas are adorable
  • Red Pandas are not suitable to be pets but people have them anyway
  • Red Pandas are slightly bigger than a domestic cat
  • Red Pandas Have false thumbs
  • Red Pandas are escape artists
  • There are only 10,000 Red Pandas left in the wild

Fun Facts You Might Not Know

  • Red Pandas aren't really pandas and are not close related at all
  • Red Pandas are vegetarian carnivores
  • Red Pandas love to eat fake sugar and they are sweet tooth's
  • There Is a International Red Panda Day on September 19th

Defenses Of A Red Panda

A Red Panda Is easily preyed by a Snow Leopard. When they are threatened they first escape. So there sharp claws climb up the tree. They also use there sharp claws to defend them self. to Be taller they go on there back legs and hiss and snarl. There claws are also retractable like cats. They may look cute and cuddly but there mouth is full with razor sharp teeth. Those are some ways that Red Pandas Defend themselves!


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Red panda working out