The Ford State

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Land and Economy

So you say you want to live in the state of Michigan! Michigan borders most of the Great Lakes and that means that if you like boats, then this is your state. That’s not all, forests cover more than half of Michigan. Automobiles drive Michigan’s economy. In Michigan, they grow wheat, cherries and grapes, so if you like any of these fresh fruits then come to Michigan. Timber, the wood that is harvested from trees, is one of the state’s greatest natural resources. So if you like to chop wood than this is your state.


Michigan is home to the Henry Ford Museum. Detroit is also the center of culture, because the Henry Ford Museum is in Detroit. Henry Ford posed with his first car in Michigan. Cross country skiing is very popular in Michigan. The state bird is a robin with it’s bright red belly and the state flower is the Apple Blossom. Hope you like apples! The state rock is a potency stone. The state song is “My Michigan”. Come on down to Michigan, we are always open to new neighbors!