Library Newsletter

Summer Term 2016

What's happening in the Library this term?

This term we are getting ready for the exams. Not long to go now!

Revision Charts are available from the Library Shop for 20p each.

All Y11, Y12 and Y13 students will soon receive letters home about items on their library accounts. Any problems with items on accounts will need to be cleared up BEFORE study leave starts.

To avoid any confusion, please hand in all textbooks to either the Main Library or Charnwood LRC. Textbooks should not be handed in at Reception or to members of the teaching staff. Any RGS books will need to be returned directly to the library there.

Please remember that both the Library and Charnwood LRC are going to be very busy in the next few months so please be considerate of other users!

Exam Advice and Resources

Nicola Morgan, the author of The Teenage Guide to Stress, has collected together a number of blog posts about exam preparation:

We also have a number of resources about exams and revision techniques:

Becker, Lucinda. 14 Days to Exam Success (2010)

Buzan, Tony. The Buzan Study Skills Handbook (2010)

Cottrell, Stella. Palgrave Study Skills: The Exam Skills Handbook (2007)

Cottrell, Stella. Palgrave Study Skills: The Study Skills Handbook (2008)

Job. The Great Little Book of Revision and Showing What You Know

Mitchell, Andrew. Learning Skills for A-Level Success (2015)

O’Brien, Dominic. How to Pass Exams (2007)

O’Brien, Dominic. Learn to Remember (2009)

Williams, Kate and Reid, Michelle. Pocket Study Skills: Time Management (2011)

We also have revision books available for different subject areas. Please ask Library Staff for more information or check the Library OPAC below.

Useful websites/podcasts by subject

Siobhan has complied a useful list of websites and podcasts for further reading and general interest. I can highly recommend The Conversation for academic articles about current issues and research.

Document can be found here.

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Resource Spotlight: Connell Guides

user: cotham school

password: password123

Connell Guides offer a fantastic selection of e-books and physical study guides for English and History.

Recent titles include:

The Connell Guide to William Golding's Lord of the Flies

The Connell Short Guide to Queen Mary I

The Connell Guide to John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men (ebook)