Math Newsletter

Mrs. Colwell--5th Grade Math Teacher

Hello. I am Mrs. Colwell. I am the 5th Grade Math teacher at Clift Elementary. I wanted to send out a newsletter to share some ideas, websites and suggestions with you. I hope you find this a helpful tool in working with your child with his/her math. Math is fast-paced and difficult.

The Math STAAR Test is April 1, 2014. No, this is not an April Fool's Day joke. It is really our testing date. It is my hope that your child will not be nervous, but I know he/she will be. Keep in mind that 5th Graders MUST pass the Math STAAR Test to be promoted to 6th Grade. That puts a lot more pressure on the children. Together we need to build your child up so that he/she believes in himself/herself. That is the number one suggestion I have for you. I am also linking some Math websites for you. (See bottom) The more your child works on Math the better. It will help tremendously in reviewing skills that we are no longer covering.

I tutor every Monday-Wednesday until 3:45. Your child must get a permission slip from me in order to attend. If your child is making an 80 or above in Math, they are not eligible for tutoring.

Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns or praises!!

972-923-4720 ext. 124

Conference Time: 2:10-3:00

Think Through Math

This is an EXCELLENT resource in preparing your child for a strong Math future. Each year your child is building on the foundation from the previous year. I highly recommend your child work on this as often as possible.

Study Island

I will be monitoring what assignment each child can get into and I will be checking the grades. If your child scores below a 70%, they will need to redo the assignment. Please make sure your child does the lesson BEFORE answering any questions.

Khan Academy

This is a great resource. It has videos on how to do different skills.


A fun and interactive website that I monitor. Your child is scored on how many are answered correctly. I will get a report of how they are doing, so they need to do a good job.