Mr. Parrish Perishes

By Lanier, Hannah, and Riya

Murder Occurs in 7th Grade Tutorial Room

When: Tuesday at 4:30pm

Where: The Lovett Middle School 7th Grade Tutorial Room

What: Mr. Jack Parrish is Murdered

Who: Mr. Parrish, Mr. Sayles, Mr. Rice, Mrs. Lecceardone, and Mrs. Dixon

Why: ?

Crime Scene Pictures


•Gummy bears spread across table and book

•Thin brown hair on table

•On Gun and Garden a finger print was found

•Letters "HS" written on board in blood

•Water bottle was half full - camel back

•Chairs turned over on table

•Bloody napkin or ground

•Black marker under table

•Pencils and tacks in cup

•Spoon with a white substance in far chair

•Two white chips on wall

•Blood Splatters on table

•Sheet covered in blood

•Food safety education pencil

•Scissors missing

•Different water bottle present

•Coke missing

•Phone missing

•Duct tape missing

•Paper crumbled up

•Blood on wall near light switch

•Dry blood everywhere


Jack Parrish

Mr. Jack Parrish is the victim of the murder. Mr. Parrish is a English/Science teacher for 6th Grade at The Lovett School. He is also a model. He works at school for Monday-Thursday, and he goes to his modeling job on Fridays. He has brown hair, and he wears glasses or contact lenses. This 30 year old educator passed away on the Lovett School campus. He received a blunt to the back of the head, but the real cause of death was poisoning.


Andy Sayles

Andy Sayles is a prime suspect in the murder case of Jack Parrish. Mr. Sayles teaches U.S History in 6th grade at The Lovett School. Mr. Parrish is a colleague of Mr. Sayles. Mr. Sayles described his relationship with Mr. Parrish as “for the most part smooth.” Mr. Sayles felt that Mr. Parrish was rude when he criticized the Chattanooga Trip. Mr. Parrish had said comments that Mr. Sayles did not appreciate. Mr. Sayles had been leading the trip for several years. This was the first time going. Mr. Parrish went on the trip and he thought it was not enjoyable. On Tuesday at 1:30 pm, Mr. Sayles had gone to his home in Serenbe treating a mushroom problem in his front yard with the landscapers. A specimen he found was the Death Cap Mushroom. He left Serenbe at about 3:45 pm to return to The Lovett School for practice.

Andy Sayles was not found guilty because in the labs we preformed he did not match the clues found at the crime science. Also in the map we did, it would have taken him too long to return to Lovett by 4:00pm.

John Rice

John Rice is a prime suspect for the murder case of Jack Parrish. Mr. Rice is a 6th grade US history teacher at the Lovett School. Mr. Parrish is a colleague of Mr. Rice. Mr. Rice claims that their relationship did not usually have much tension. They had a neutral relationship. Mr. Rice says that Mr. Parrish did not work on Fridays. Mr. Rice thinks that he should work on Fridays like the rest of the teachers. Mr. Rice said he came from the baseball fields, but he has rat poison in it containing arsenic. He says that he keeps the arsenic away in a cabinet. On Tuesday, a half day, at 1:30 Mr. Rice was at the baseball facility working. At 4:00 pmMr. Rice says he took a call, but the call was traced to him being in Gainesville. He says he was Christmas shopping but it was found that there were modeling try outs at the mall that day.

John Rice was not found guilty because in the labs we performed he did not match the clues found at the crime scene. Also Mr. Rice could not have made it to Lovett by 4:00 pm to perform the crime.

Kelly Lecceardone

Kelly Lecceardone is a prime suspect for the murder case of Jack Parrish. Ms. Lecceardone is a 6th grade English teacher at the Lovett School and works with Mr. Parrish in the English department. Ms. Lecceardone says that her relationship with Jack is mostly good but she knows that Mr. Parrish was stealing her gummy bears constantly, which brought her anger. Ms. Lecceardone says that. Ms. Lecceardone says that she sometimes has to hide her gummies when Mr. Parish comes to her room. One day Mr. Parrish broke the gummy bear jar and ruined all of the gummies. Mr. Parrish did not replace these gummies and aggravated Ms. Lecceardone because it cost money for her. When Mr. She guesses that Mr. Parrish is a full time teacher, but it is known by most that he takes Fridays off and also has a second job as a model. At 1:30 pm the day of the murder Ms. Lecceardone says that she was at lunch with Erin Dixon at SOHO. At lunch the two talked of work and how and Mr. Parrish. Ms. Lecceardone hoped that Mrs. Dixon would do something about Mr. Parrish. At 4:00 pm the day of the murder Ms. Lecceardone claims she was at home playing with her dog Gino, but she had no human witnesses to prove this. On her desk the suspect had bitter almonds, which Ms. Lecceardone claims to have healing properties, but these almonds have the poison cyanide in it.

Kelly Lecceardone was found guilty because she matched the key labs that could prove that she was the murderer. Also Ms. Dixon confirmed to us that Ms. L was not at her house at 4:00 pm, but she dropped her off for a meeting on the Lovett campus.

Erin Dixon

Erin Dixon is a prime suspect in the murder case of Jack Parrish. Mrs. Dixon is the middle school dean of faculty and instruction and teaches 8th grade advanced science at The Lovett School. Mr. Parrish and Mrs. Dixon worked together because they were both in the science department. Mrs. Dixon has “fine relationship” with Mr. Parrish. Mrs. Dixon found Mr. Parrish to be hard to work with when they were doing HSA work. On Tuesday at 1:30 pm, Mrs. Dixon was with Mrs. Lecceardone having lunch at SOHO. At lunch, Mrs. Dixon and Mrs. Lecceardone discussed the amount of work they have to do and how Mr. Parrish has been “annoying” them. Their lunch ended at about 3:30pm. Mrs. Dixon claims at 4:00pm she had to attend a meeting at The Lovett School with Mrs. Little. Mrs. Dixon also said Mrs. Lecceardone drove her back to school. Mrs. Dixon denies that a guard at the school saw her running from campus without one of her shoes on. Mrs. Dixon said “that was crazy because she loves her heels and puts baby powder in them to make them stick.”

Erin Dixon was not found guilty, but was narrowed down to the top two suspects. Mrs. Dixon matched the blood detection lab and matched the blood typing lab. We found that Mr. Parrish died from poisoning. The poisoning that matched our result in the powder lab pointed to cyanide, but the poisoning Mrs. Dixon had was baby powder.

Math Proportions

t = time for lethal dose to kill

B = body weight

d = amount of poison, lethal dose (mg)

a = age of victim

g = gender (use 3 if male) (use 2 if female)

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We learned from this activity how long the poisons the suspects had took to kill a person. The order from shortest to longest time of death was: cyanide, arsenic, amanita phalloide. We figured out that cyanide would be the most likely used poison because it could have killed Mr. Parrish in the least amount of time. It took five hours.

Blood Detection Lab

In the blood detection lab, we looked to see if there were blood stains on a rag from the batting cages and a handkerchief from Mrs. Dixon. We took the phenolphthalein/peroxide solution and dropped it on the q-tip. We then rubbed to q-tip on the items. John Rice's rag had no blood, but Erin Dixon's handkerchief showed a purple-violet color reaction.

Blood Punnett Square Lab

In this lab, we used a punnett square to calculate each suspect's blood type. We were given the parents blood types. Overall, Andy Sayles has type O blood, Erin Dixon has either type A or B blood type, Kelly Lecceardone has either type A or O blood, and John Rice has either type A or O blood.

Hair Analysis Lab

To narrow down the suspects, we did a non-conclusive test which analyzed hair. In this lab, we looked at each suspects hair through a microscope. We then drew a picture of what we saw, and decided weather it looked like the evidence. We found that Erin Dixon's and Kelly Lecceardone's hair matched the evidence.

Crime Scene Blood Typing Lab

In this lab, we had a tray. We dropped antibody A and antibody B in type A, B, AB, O blood as well as Jack's blood and evidence. Each had a different reaction. We then identified Mr. Parrish with type AB blood, and the blood at the crime scene was type A blood. Erin Dixon and John Rice possibly have type a blood.

Fingerprint Lab

In the fingerprint lab, we used microscopes to look at the victim's fingerprint as well as the suspects' fingerprints. We took our own fingerprints also. We decided what type of fingerprint each suspect had. Ultimately, Kelly Lecceardone's fingerprint matched the one lifted from the crime scene.

Powder Lab

For the powder lab we tested four different powders to compare them to the evidence found at the crime scene. We tested cyanide, baby powder, arsenic, mushroom, and the evidence from the crime scene. In order to complete this test we had to place the different powders in different wells in the tray. Then once we had the powder in we would place three different solutions in them to see what reaction occurred. The solutions were water, iodine, and vinegar. When water was placed in the baby powder and cyanide no reaction occurred at all. When the water was put in the arsenic the arsenic dissolved into the water. When water was put in the mushroom the water absorbed the mushroom and the water became foggy. Finally when the water was put into the evidence nothing happened. When Iodine was put into the baby powder the iodine bounced off of the baby powder and slid down the tray. When they iodine was put in the cyanide it slide off and turned the iodine a lighter color. When iodine was put into the arsenic it was absorbed a little and then slid off. When the iodine was put into the mushroom the edges of the mushroom turned yellow and the iodine was absorbed. When the vinegar was put into the baby powder nothing happened. When the vinegar was put into the cyanide it bubbled and made a sizzle noise. When the vinegar was put into the arsenic it dissolved. When the vinegar was put into the mushroom it became foggy and dissolved. When the vinegar was put into the evidence it bubbled and made a sizzle noise. In conclusion, we found that the evidence found at the crime scene matched with the cyanide. Mrs. Lecceardone held the cyanide, so this lab points to her.


Meet the Forensic Scientists

(From left to right)

Hannah, Riya, and Lanier