Christmas In The Trenches

By: John Mccutcheon


It was Christmas the family had just finished eating dinner, Thomas Tolliver curled up next to his Grandpa. Thomas thought that this was the most splended Christmas he had ever had but on the other hand Grandpa had a favorite Christmas to. Grandpa was at war on Christmas were they waited in the trenches looking out for there enemy. But Grandpa while watching, a little light come closer and closer the enemy or at least that's what they thought, were singing a song in German. It was silent night they could tell by the chorus. Grandpa and the other soilders started to sing along both teams celebrated together on Christmas instead of fighting.


The theme of the story is the littlest thing can change something so big. Because in the story it mentions before they were about to have war both soilders from oppiste teams



Throughout the story the author does characterize the main character in the story. Some methods that characterize the main character is a hero. In the story it mentions that " Was I a hero ummm for just one night yes, we were all hero's". The author described him in this way because both soilders from opposite teams came together instead of having war on a very special holiday.

Plot Diagram


The setting takes place outside on a battle field in 1984 durring world war one were Grandpa was sopose to fight but instead ends up making friends with the enemy. It was a cold winter were the soilders had waited in the trenches for the enemy to make a move. Turns out the enemy "Germany" had sung a song which made Grandpa and the rest of the soilders stand down.

Rising Event/Action

Grandpa and the rest of the soilders waited in the trenches and stood guard. Christmas is a holiday were you spend with family and friends but instead Grandpa was out there fighting for his country. Grandpa and the soilders then started to notice a light coming from the other side they got closer and closer, Grandpa and the others could here them singing in Germany, Grandpa and the other soilders could tell what they were singing because of the chorus. Silent Night, Grandpa and the others would sing along. The German soilders were carrying little Christmas trees with lights on them to bring out the Christmas spirt.


As the German soilders got closer and closer, they did not seem as if they wanted to fight, neither did Grandpa and his soilders. Both teams did not quarrel they celebrated they shared photos with one an other, laughed, shared there food, and talked about how much they missed there family's. "We all began showing each other photographs from home we were no longer soilders no longer enemies.


The main problem of this story is Grandpa is on a battle field Christmas. Most people spend Christmas at home, or at another family members home. This just shows how many people that aren't home for Christmas. Grandpa is miles and miles away from his family so as the other soilders. Although spending Christmas on in the trenches wasn't the awesomest place it's were both teams came together and celebrated without fighting.


The author ended the story with a satisfying ending. Both Germany, Grandpa and the rest of the soilders had decided after along day that it was time to go. They would never forget this very special moment were two teams unite and celebrate together.

Falling Event/Action

Instead of having war both Grandpa and all of the other soilders had celebrated it was nearly time for them to head back to were they came from they shook hands and said there good bye's and would never forget the how great this Christmas turned out.