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Your questions answered about our policies

What is SEI and what does it look like here?

SEI stands for Structured English Immersion. SEI is a class offered to our students who test results show they are not English proficient. We work hard within our school to meet up with Arizonas' law that each child is to be taught in English while also being aware of how each student learns and develops their language skills.
Student will be taught at their given level. We will group students with the same level and use English teaching material for accelerated English immersion.

What if my student is somewhat proficent?

Students who test as having some English language proficiency or as being proficient will be placed into the mainstream classroom and will be monitored closely with an experienced ELL teacher (English language learner)

History of how we got here

English being the primary language of the United States is a fundamental building block to America. As we have thousands upon thousands of new immigrants from all around the world enter Arizona each year the schools are required to teach those students English. Though their have been many programs to teach ELL learners throughout the years a new bill that had been passed in 2006 by the Arizona Legislature House Bill 2064 stated the requirements for what was stated above as the SEI classrooms to promote English proficiency.

Important vocabulary

SEI- Structured English Immersion
ELL- English Language Learner
ELP- English Language Proficiency