Barbie Q Mole

Kevin Gambeski (Propane)

Explanation of Theme

Due to the fact the most popular use of propane is in cooking, especially with portable grills and stoves, I decided to have the theme of my mole relate to a barbecue. The stuffed mole represents the "grill master" who controls the grill, preparing and cooking all food. Since he is using a grill, he/she of course is using propane, as this compound fuels the grill. Therefore, the articles on the mole, such as the cooking glove, the spatula, and the apron prove to be relevant to the barbecue theme.

Basic Facts of Propane

Empirical Formula: C3H8

Molecular Mass: 44.1 g/mol

Other Names: Cooking Gas, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, LPG, and LP-gas.

Different Uses of Propane

  • Propane is/can be used as fuel in furnaces for heat, as an energy source for water heaters and laundry dryers, in cooking for barbecues and portable stoves, and also in transportation in vehicles such as cars, buses, forklifts, and ice resurfacing machines.
  • Propane is used as a portable energy source in professions such as glass makers, brick kilns, and poultry farmers.
  • Propane is a vital tool in crop drying and fruit ripening processes.
  • Propane is the primary fuel for hot air balloons.
  • Propane is used as a propellant for household air freshener sprays, paintball guns, and airsoft guns.
  • Propane is commonly used in theme parks and in the movie industry as an inexpensive, high-energy fuel for explosions and other special effects.

Interesting Facts of Propane

  • In 1910, propane was first identified by Dr. Walter Snelling by distilling gasoline into propane, butane, and other hydrocarbons. He then discovered that a bottle full of propane was sufficient enough to light a home for three weeks.

  • Although propane is normally a gas, its compressible to a transportable liquid.

  • About 60 million American families use propane to fuel their furnaces, water heaters, air conditioners, outdoor grills, fire places, dryers, and ranges.
  • Propane is used on 865,000 U.S. farms for irrigation pumps, grain dryers, standby generators, and other farm equipment.
  • Propane is considered one of the most environment friendly sources of energy. It was recognized within the "Clean Air Act Amendments" of 1990.
  • Propane's sudden expansion and cooling upon release has been known to cause frostbite.
  • After gasoline and diesel, propane is the third most preferred vehicle fuel.

  • The risk of dying from a propane accident is 1 in 37,000,000.

Physical Properties of Propane

  • Odorless, however, manufacturers deliberately add a chemical compound to propane to give off a strong unpleasant smell ("rotten eggs") in the case of leaks.
  • In the gaseous state at regular atmospheric pressure
  • Boiling Point of -42.1°C
  • Colorless
  • Tasteless

Chemical Properties of Propane

  • Highly flammable
  • Enthalpy of combustion of propane gas is 50.33 ± 0.01 MJ/kg

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