H2C2B Team

News from the North Hall

Next Wednesday

On Wednesday, Oct. 1 our students are looking forward to showing their parents the results of their hard work this first quarter on Wednesday, Oct. 1. If you haven't let the teachers know when you plan to come meet with your child, please use the green icon below to give us that information. If the green icon does not work for you, you can email or send a note to your child's homeroom teacher.

Next Thursday

Next Thursday, Oct. 2nd is Parent-Teacher Conference Day. Since different students have different combinations of teachers, we are not able to schedule a conference with all of your child's teachers. We thought that after coming to Student-Led Conferences, you would probably have a good idea of which teacher(s) you really want to talk to. The teachers will be available from 0800-1315 (except for 1100-1200).

If you have any questions, please contact your child's homeroom teacher.