MLK Assassination

Japree Barefield


Martin Luther King Jr was born January 15th 1929. He was assassinated on April 4, 1968. He was the most influential civil rights activist of his time and his "I have a dream speech still effects people to this day. MLK was assassinated by James Earl Ray due to his prominence in the civil rights movement.

Perspective #1 media portrayed event

When MLK was assassinated it was immediately covered by the media, Everyone supporting the civil rights movement was outraged. Kings death pushed the civil rights movement even further because it led everyone to see how big of a problem it was. The media portrayed his death in a way where it made more people side with the civil rights movement.

Perspective #2 media portrayed event

The media put so much pressure on Dr. king that following his autopsy it was claimed that he had the heart of a 60 year old man. Part of this is due to the media putting pressure on him. Since King was such a great leader the media was always on him putting more stress on him. He always had cameras on him causing stress which most likely would have resulted in a early death anyway.

Media bias

Following MLK's death since he was looked at as such a god he got his own holiday. People looked up to him because the media showed him as a great person. The media showed bias towards him. But the media shows bias against his assassin. Making him instantly look like a hate filled racist. Making all of America hate him.

Criticism #1

Some say that MLK was the most brilliant and influential man ever. But some may disagree with what he thought and still want racism and segregation. Some may say that if MLK was still alive racism would be completely abolished. Some say that if he was still alive then it would eventually cause another civil war. This is historical criticism because nobody really know what would happen if MLK was never assassinated or even never born.

Criticism #2

Even years after death MLK and his teachings are still historical. He has his own holiday which kids love since they are allowed a free day from school. Also he has plenty of movies and articles about him and how influential he was. It makes it historical criticism because no matter how many people disagree with his teachings and the civil rights movement, years later it is still everywhere and will never die.
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