Cultural/Intellectual Trends

By: Jeremy, Justin, David

Cultural/Intellectual Trends

During this time period many trends began most importantlty in art. In art there was the surrealist movement, daddaist movement, and abstract movement. Abstractist believed the world made no sense so neither should art. Daddaist were obsessed with the idea that life has no purpose, and surrealist portrayed a life beyondc onsciousness. Another trend was the radio and movies. The radio started around the 1920's and movies started around the end of WWI. Other trends included literature, and physics. In literature they tried to portray past the conscious mind, and in physics it was believed that all physical laws were based off uncertainty.


Introduction to Surrealism
Guglielmo Marconi and the invention of radio

Essential Questions

Who was the highest priest of surrealism, and what did he do?

Who discovered wireless radio waves?