Google Search Secrets

Learn how to use Google like a pro!

Wait...I can use Google for my research?!?

Yes, you absolutely can! But there's more to Google than you ever knew.

Ever wondered how to use Google Scholar effectively?

Want to learn how to find EXACTLY what you're searching for, not 34 million results to sift through?

Then join us for this workshop!

Google Workshops

Tuesday, Feb. 18th 2014 at 6pm

400 Saint Bernadine Street

Reading, PA

Located in LIB 213 of the Dr. Frank A. Franco Library Learning Center (the computer classroom on the second floor of the library!)

What will I learn?

We will cover Google Web Search, Google Scholar, along with select other Google tools & features!

Bring your Google knowledge & your competitive spirit! We will have fun interactive Google challenges!

Who is this workshop for?

Faculty, staff, & students of Alvernia University!

Sibel Ahi

Sibel is the Franco Library's Graduate Assistant and a PhD student in the Educational Leadership program here at Alvernia.


Please email or call Sibel or Alex to register for the workshop!

Guaranteed to be educational AND fun!