We are a secret community!!!!

We want to live out normal lives!

Please go away, our land is full of junk and death. We want to have a normal life. The person who came here left with a scared face. If you come to Alitauntou you will suffer. Please go away and never come back again! All of our theme parks are broken down and war is wanted to be started every minute. If you come your death of fear awaits you! Take this as a warning not an exploration to find us,

The Alitauntless.

Second Chance

If you don't think we are real ask the girl that came. Humans can't die unless you go up to them and make them so scared that they drop dead. You only for sure die if someone scares you in a nightmare, your worst nightmare. PLEASE DON'T LOOK FOR OUR, PROBABLY EXTINCT BY NOW, WORLD. The wormhole you go through has a 99% chance of sending you to the other side of the planet and sometimes back and forth for days.
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We want you dead if you come here!