Dropped Cone

Cologne, Germany

Background History

The commission did not come from the city. But it was commissioned by a shopping mall called Neumarkt Galerie in Cologne, Germany. Clause Oldenburg was the artist who created this art piece. The sculpture was installed in March 2001.

Artists Statement

The site for the Dropped Cone was unusual but it was appropriate there. At first they didn't know where they wanted the Cone to go because they wanted it in an outdoor location but the streets were to congested so they decided to put the Dropped Cone on top of the shopping mall. Cologne is famous for their ice cream cones so it fit the city well. Coosje reffered to the Dropped Cone as a "Cornucopia of consumerism" and a "Sign of transience". One challenge they faced was wether to make the ice crem on the cone chocolate or vanilla but they chose vanilla.

My Opinion

In my opinion I think that the Dropped Cone sculpture is very unique and very different from any other sculptures because it sits on top of a building. I like how Clause's sculptures look like they fell from the sky and landed in a random locating. I like how he made the ice cream look real instead of just making it a sphere shape. I also liked how he made the cone with large squares on the outside of the cone. Overall I like this sculpture a lot it is probably one of my favorite sculptures that I have seen.
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