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The Savvy_Educator's Tech Integration Newsletter - Jan. 2016

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I am thrilled to serve as your Technology in Motion Specialist for Region 3: A&M/UAH Regional Inservice Center! There are great things happening in Region 3 and "Experiencing IT (Instructional Technology)" monthly newsletter will serve as a means to provide information and resources as well are share all of the marvelous happenings across the region. I also encourage you to share media showcasing instructional technology in action in your schools by accessing this folder January district IT happenings folder. Highlights from the information shared and submitted prior to the last Monday of each month will be featured in the following month's "Experiencing IT" newsletter under the subtitle "CAPTURE IT Hightlights".

Please feel free to contact me at any time. I look forward to learning, growing and experiencing IT with you!

Partnering to provide professional learning for your instructional technology endeavors.

Digitally yours,

The Savvy_Educator

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