Andrew Jackson: a Bit of an Ass!!!!

Andrew Jackson is a Total Ass!!!!

The Trail of Tears

Andrew Jackson pushed the Natives off their land because of the recent act he passed, the Indian Removal Act. The Natives walked all the way from the West of the Mississippi river to Oklahoma. At least 1/4 of them died on the way.

Bye bye, National Bank!!

Jackson thought that the national bank was favoring the wealthy people.He thought the ordinary people had no control of the situation.Jackson thought it was unconstitutional. Jackson's reason for it also may have been from his financial problems.

The Nullification Crisis

South Carolina declared the federal tariffs unconstitutional. Congress passed both the lower tax and the force bill. South Carolina threatened to secede. It gave South Carolina the choice of which one to pick- Henry Clay's idea, or the lower tax. South Carolina picks the lower tax.

Letter To Editor Favoring Andrew Jackson

We were so happy to hear about Andrew Jackson moving the Indians to Oklahoma, because now we have more land and we don't have to worry about those savages. In addition, the attack on the National Bank he really favored us middle class people. It is nice to have someone fighting for us. Andrew Jackson's view on tariffs was also important to us as he felt that tariffs would help the country. It is very sad that South Carolina threatened to secede if the tariffs were removed.


Abby, from North Carolina

Letter to the Editor Hating Andrew Jackson

ANDREW JACKSON SUCKS!!!!!! He took away the Native American's land that they worked hard to provided food for their families only because of greed. On another note, don't be messing with my money, just because i have a lot of money doesn't mean Andrew Jackson can come in and take my bank away. Andrew Jackson could have just lowered the tax for us, but NO! we had to make a deal with Henry Clay and take a tax that was way more expensive than we wanted. Andrew Jackson is a bit of a donkey.


Abby, from South Carolina