My Summer Reading Project

By Madeleine Azcona, Book: For the Darkness Shows the Stars

Character Analysis

Eliot isn't you average girl. She's a tough girl that can handle about anything. The farm and the Reduced workers come before herself. Although Elliot is tough she has a soft side for some of the Reduced workers, and a childhood friend named Kai. Elliot's father is harsh, while having no mother, has to deal with her snotty sister, Tatianna. The only family Elliot cares about is her Grandfather, Boatwright.


Four years ago, a Luddite girl named Elliot met a Post boy named Kai. The only difference between these two was that long ago people believed that they could become as powerful as God. God punished these people and then they were called Posts or Reduced. The people who believed it was wrong to do that were called Luddites. The Posts were to work for the Luddites as punishment for what their ancestors had done. Even though their difference Kai and Elliot became friends. They wrote letters to each other daily

having conversations as if they were speaking to one another. The day Elliot mother died Kai had been planning to run away from the plantation and become a free Post. Kai begged Elliot to come with her but she refused to go.

Rising Action

The North family (Elliot's) had been going through financial problems and needed money. A group of shipbuilders called the Cloud Fleet needed to rent their land to build their ship. A shocking surprise is when Captain Malakai Wentforth just so happens to be the same Kai four years ago. Surprisingly Kai does not want to acknowledge Elliot and completely ignores her. When introduced to Oliva, a Luddite girl, Kai falls inn love with her. Even though Olivia is almost four years younger than Kai. Felicia Innovation from the Fleet wishes to see the North's star cavern. When the Fleet sees it, the younger Fleet members, including Kai, are not impressed because they known the trick behind it. Inside the cavern there are star shapes filled with bugs, when you extinguish the candles, the bugs glow. Felicia apologizes both to the younger member and Elliot for their rudeness and how they cannot see the beauty showing that the darkness reveals the stars. Oliva Grove and Kai grew close to each other as time trailed on. At the yearly harvest celebration, Kai hears Elliot say that she just wants to take their money, have them finish their ship, and just leave. This turns into full on brawl starting with Kai and another Post standing up for Elliot. Baron North (Elliot's father) breaks up the fight as he summon Elliot to his office. Elliot knows she's in trouble, but surprisingly she isn't. Her father tells her that her cousin, Benedict, is welcomed back into the family. Even though he was banned years ago. He pretended to be a Post and did something horrible with the female Posts. He is being welcomed back because he is the heir to the plantation. Laterals, Elliot's Grandfather, Boatwright, had died. The same day her father is hosting a horse race and is forbidding Elliot to go to the funeral. At Boatwright will, his land was supposed to be inherited by his daughter, Elliot's Mother, but since she is deceased, the land is now given to Elliot. Elliot is shocked and scared for her life. She's only eighteen and now she owns an entire estate! Everyone is surprised that it wasn't given to Elliot's older sister, Tatiana. Baron North threatens Elliot to give Tatiana the land or she is banished from the North estate. Elliot stands her ground and lives in the Boatwright house. Baron theaters to shoot any Post that crosses the border to the Boatwright estate, but Elliot knows the Posts would be smart. On the day the Cloud Fleet leaves, Elliot goes to the barn. As children, Elliot and Kai would put letters on the knothole for each other. For the past four years the hole has been empty, until now. It was a letter from Kai explaining that this was the last time he was going to asked her. He wanted her to go with her. He promised that she would be back in time for harvest. He explains that he has loved only her for the past four years and apologizes for the way he had been acting to her.


Elliot decided to go with Kai. She brings along their childhood friend Ro, so Elliot can take care of her. At the last minute they grab their bags and dash to the boat.

Falling Action

Ro and Elliot meet Kai with his loving embrace. As they, aboard the ship, them Cloud Fleet greet Ro and Elliot. Felicia Innovation tells Ro that this boat was at Post-Reduction boat. Children of the Reduced were given one-syllable names. She told Ro that she could choose a name. Elliot said Tomorrow was a name that benefits her. She chose that name because when Elliot went to go get Ro she said that they were leaving for all of their tomorrows to help her understand.


At the end of the book Elliot and Kai climbed the deck again. Kai explained that he could see the stars in the night, day, through clouds, storms, and setting suns. Elliot thanks Kai for coming back to get her, and Kai replies that he'd always find his way back her because she was his compass star and he was hers.


This story takes place on a large plantation called the North estate. The other settings are the Boatwright estate next to the North Estate and a cliff on the edge of the ocean. The book doesn't give an exact place where any of this is meaning a state or what ocean.


Four years ago a Luddite and a Post became friends. Kai was running away and wanted Elliot to come with her. Elliot had to refused because there was a lot of work needed on the farm. Four years later the North's let a group of shipbuilders called the Cloud Fleet rent some of the Boatwright estate. Kai is a part of that group and it also their captain. Kai ignores Elliot because he is still mad at her for not leaving with him. When they introduce the Groves, Kai falls on love with fourteen year old Olivia. This gets on Elliot's nerves even more. She just wants to take the Cloud Fleets money and make them leave. Kai overhears this conversation and starts a fight at the annual harvest party. Elliot's cousin, Benedict, has came back after his banishment together inherit land. Elliot's Grandfather, Boatwright, has died and in his will he had given his land to Elliot's mother. But since she is deceased the estate us given to Elliot. Elliot's father threatens to banish her if she doesn't give the estate to her older sister, Tatiana. Elliot refuses and invites her Post friends to come live with her, but Baron, Elliot's father has threatened to shoot anyone who crosses the estates. On the last day of the Cloud Fleets stat, Elliot goes to the barn. As children, Elliot and Kai would put letters in the barn knothole for each other. For the past four years, it has been empty, except now. It was letter from Kai begging to go with him. He told her for the past four years he hasn't loved anyone else besides her. He told her that they would be home back in time for harvest. Elliot agreed to go with. Before she left she grabbed their childhood friend Ro so she could take care of her. Kai embraces them and they aboard the boat.

About the Author

Diana Peterfreund lives in Washington D.C. with her family. Diana has also written a series on killer unicorns called Rampant and Ascendant. She has also written a four book series Secret Society Girl.