Rules For Living


The Decalogue (The 10 Commandments)

  • The commandments were revealed from God to Moses on Mont Sinai and it was part of covenant between God and the Israelites

1) Worship God alone

2) Do not make images of God

3)Do not use God's name wrongly

4) Keep the Sabbath day holy

  • These commandments about having respect for God

5) Respect your parents

6) Do not murder

7) Do not commit adultery

8) Do not steal

9) Do not lie

10) Do not covet

  • These commandments are about having respect for others

Sermon on the Mount

It is rewriting of the Jewish Law but Jesus did not mean to change the laws but shift the focus onto the attitude and action of them so people would fulfil them


  • Do not commit adultery

Jesus said: Do not lust any women so take measures to stop sin


  • Do not murder otherwise God will judge you

Jesus said: Do not be angry with your brother - "I say that if anyone is angry with his brother, he will be worthy of judgment"


  • Do not disfigure your face to show fasting

Jesus said: put oil on your face and wash so not to make it obvious that you are fasting. Only God will know so he will reward you


  • Pray on the street corner

Jesus said: Go to a room and look the door so it is in secret and so God will reward you - "When you pray, don't keep on babbling like the pagans"


  • Be careful not to do acts of righteousness before man

Jesus said: Give quietly and God will reward you

The Beatitudes


When you divorce your wife give her a certificate of divorce

Jesus said: Only divorce your wife due to marital infidelity and if you divorce you become adulterous. Finally anyone who marries a divorced women will become adulterous - "Anyone who marries a woman so divorced commits adultery"