Mrs. Carlson's Weekly Newsletter

A Peek Into Our Busy Classroom!

The Life of Mrs. Carlson

THANK YOU so much for all of the wonderful ways you showed appreciation during Teacher Appreciation Week! It was so kind of you and I felt very special :)

I loved the special ways I was appreciated everyday! Some of the pictures are included below. :)

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Reminders and Annoucements

Scholastic book orders are placed the last Friday of each month. Please click on the link below to place an online order. Due to the Scholastic Book Fair, the next order will be placed Friday May 27th. If you would like an order placed before then, just send me an e-mail and I would be happy to place your order. :)

Reading Log: Students should be logging 30 minutes of reading at least 4 days per week. After reading is complete students should fill out the reading log and have you initial.

*April Reading Log is Due Friday May 27th.


  • May 27th- 4th Grade Lansing Field Trip
  • May 30th- NO SCHOOL- Memorial Day
  • June 3rd- Fun Fair from 5:30-8:30 p.m.
  • June 21st- Last Day of School

Odds and Ends

  • Spelling: will resume May 23rd.
  • M-Step testing: Monday and Tuesday (Science and ELA)

Late Start Dates:

May 18th

May 25th

Questions to Ask Your Child

  • Did you book shop this week? What books are you currently reading in Reader's Workshop?
  • Did you check any books out of Mrs. Carlson's library this week? If not, try to find a book and bring it home this week!
  • How are the NWEA and M-Step going?

  • Did you bring home your Friday Folder?
  • Can you share your planner with me?

Last Week

Math we finished our unit on fractions


  • completed a final assessment on the first fractions unit.
  • completed a pre-assessment for the second fractions unit.

In Reading we finished our nonfiction unit.

  • used the skill of identifying main idea and details in shorter nonfiction passages, and used those details to find evidence
  • used highlighters to locate evidence within the details.

In science we started our new unit on land and water.

  • began thinking about the relationship with land and water
  • discussed different landforms and predicted how they were formed and how they changed.

This Week

READING: Unit 5- Historical Fiction

Students will...

  • begin thinking about the historical fiction genre
  • begin thinking about the setting of historical fiction books
  • preview books for historical fiction book clubs

MATH: Unit 6 Fractions

Students will...

  • begin comparing fractions with unlike denominators
  • practice strategies in comparing these fractions
  • solve real world problems


Students will...

  • take the science M-Step