School Store Code of Ethics

Grove City High School

Problems that may be faced:

1. Handling Cash and Checks:

Solution: Always give customers the correct change, and make sure they have enough money for what they are buying.

2. Employee Theft:

Solution: Tell the teacher, having proof of the incident(s) and let them handle it.

3. Handling Shoplifters:

Solution: Confront them initially, but if they continue to proceed, then tell the teacher so they can handle it.

4. Supporting Advertising Promises:

Solution: If there is an ad that if a toy is brought in and donated for Toys-for-Tots, then that person receives three free cookies; that should be honored at the register.

5. Selling Damaged Merchandise:

Solution: The cashier/seller should check all products to insure there is no damaged merchandise being sold, but if this happens, the product should be refunded.

6. Accepting Gifts from Suppliers:

Solution: This is allowed by law, therefore it should not occur. If it does, thankfully decline the gift.

7. Handling Employee Performance Problems:

Solution: If employees are slacking off, then the teacher should be notified immediately.

8. Telling the Customer the Truth:

Solution: If there are no more cookies made, then you should not accept money for them and you should not lie and say they will be out shortly.

9. Accounting Procedures:

Solution: It is very important to be honest and careful when completing accounting; if there is too much money, not enough money, etc.

10. Merchandise Return Policy:

Solution: There is no return policy unless there is is proof that damaged merchandise was sold.