Plato, the troubled teen

When rebellion goes over the edge

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Why was Plato a rebel?

Since Plato was born, he had a difficult childhood; his dad left him and he lived with the main of the house since his family was really wealthy. At the beginning of the story he was a shy and quiet character. Plato also suffers from parental denial as his parents are absent from the homestead and he keeps all his anger inside him but at the end it explodes. For this reason is maybe explainable why he killed the puppy...maybe he was really frustrated for his dad abandoned him so he decided to treat the animals in the same way he was feeling.

Traits of Plato...

They are not just socks...

The socks symbolize that there is something wrong with him. Maybe he was in a hurry so he did not had enough time to pick the right socks but, why was he in a hurry? Was he doing something wrong? Maybe it was because he was going to ho to the car race so he was nervous and he put on the wrong sock.

Was Plato a bad guy?

Plato is a very difficult character because we see a lot of shades of his personality during the movie. At the beginning, he was really shy and he was trying to make friends (Jim) but, as the movie goes on, he shows his anxious side. He puts on the wrong socks and he grabs a gun after the accident that killed the bully.

At the end he dies so we do not know if he would have learned something from this experience but I think he taught a big lesson to his friends: rebellion is not always a good thing and it can lead to tragedies.

Theme of the movie

One of the biggest theme of this movie is the eternal quest of teenagers in search of their place in the world, a position different from their parents'. The protagonists are searching a cause worth fighting for and at the same time their parents forgot they were doing the same a long time ago so they try to stop their children making everything worst.

The main lesson is that you have to be aware that fighting is not always a good thing and most of the time someone is going to get hurt.

CURIOSITY QUESTION!! "Would you go to the police if your parents told not to?"

In the movie Jim wants to go to the police to tell what happened with the accident and the car race but his parents tell him not to go because is not fair if he is the only one that gets in trouble for that.

If I was Jim I would have gone to the police and I would have told them the names of all the people that were involved in the race. Jim should not have gone to the race since it was really dangerous and he could have died for a stupid reason. I would not have cared if they called me "chicken" because being a chicken is better than being dead according to me.