Likes and dislikes by Mckenna Griffin

Dress codes I respect and follow

1. Don't wear spaghetti strap tank tops

2. Don't wear belly shirts

3. Wear fingertip length shorts and skirts

I think this code as established because some clothes may be a distraction to some students. It may change overtime when new clothes are made.

Dress codes I disagree with

1. Not being able to wear hats

2. Not able to wear jeans with holes in them

3. Not allowed to wear strapless shirts

I dislike this code because I think that it doesn't even really show that much skin it is pointless. I think it will change in the future. It was probably established because it doesn't look like school appropriate clothes.

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Non used codes

1. See threw Leggings

2. Shirts with the cut out back

3. Short rompers

I think this code should be enacted because people are staring to wear these clothes more.