Be a Socialist or Communist!

Who we are & how you can be one today!

A brief history of Socialism

Socialism first emerged as a philosophy in the early 19th century as a response to the Industrial Revolution. The earliest Socialists were frustrated at the failure of liberalism and Romanticism to attack the problems of an increasingly industrialized society, and urged the middle-class factory owners to share the wealth by giving up their ownership of natural resources and the factories to society as a whole. They urged that it was not fair that 1 percent of the population owned 35 percent of the wealth, including land and natural resources. Socialists advocated the common ownership of natural resources and the means of production and distribution.
Early Socialists were so optimistic about the persuasiveness of their logic that they have been called Utopian Socialists. They hoped to persuade the upper and middle classes to relinquish ownership of natural resources and means of production voluntarily or through government action.

Our Great Communist Leaders

Karl Marx was a German philosopher who supported the establishment of socialism and communism. Marx was unhappy with capitalism and the negative aspects of industrialization, especially the unfair exploitation of the working class. He stated that the real story of history is class war, and that because the factory owners have many advantages in fighting it, and because the factory owners will never voluntarily relinquish the resources and means of production, the only hope for workers is found in revolution. The working class was being taken advantage of by the select few who controlled most of the wealth in society. They suffered long hours, low pay, and miserable working conditions. Marx with Friedrich Engels stated in his famous book, "Manifesto of the Communist Party," that a class struggle will emerge between the bourgeoisie (the property owning class) and the proletariat (the industrial working class). Here, Marx argued that eventually the proletariat would lead a revolution against a bourgeoisie and the final struggle would lead to the overthrow of capitalism and its supporters. This whole process was called the dictatorship of the proletariat, which denotes the transitional socialist state from a capitalist society to a communist society. Eventually, a new classless society under Communism would emerged based on the idea of sharing and equality. Class structure and the state would cease to exist.

An elucidation: Socialism vs. Communism

It is important to take into consideration that, according to Marx in his Communist Manifesto, Socialism was a transitional step from a capitalistic society to a utopian society under Communism. When early forms of Socialism didn't work, Marx and Engels turned to revolutionary action for change, as urged in their Communist Manifesto.

So which will you be?

Communist Member Benefits

  • Everyone is equal, there is no social gap
  • Everyone is fed, housed, educated, and employed
  • Government protection
  • Stability
  • Social justice for all
  • A worker's paradise!

How to be a Communist

You must give up all your properties for the greater good of society. Everything will be shared. It is not a question, it is a command.

Socialist Member Benefits

  • Complete social harmony
  • Live in phalanges or a utopian community, such as New Harmony in Indiana, which is to be soon re-established.
  • Society in which you will live in is more equal in terms of wealth and earnings.
  • Workers have greater rights and greater control over their lives.
  • You will have universal access to services like healthcare and education.
  • Experience a more controlled economy with less chance of the cycle of boom and bust in the economy.
  • Problems such as poverty and homelessness can theoretically be reduced or wiped out!
  • You can achieve more through co-operation, rather than competition.
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How to be a Socialist

We kindly ask of the middle and upper classes to please relinquish ownership of their natural resources and means of production.

If you are a blue-collar worker, by all means, join! Membership is free for you all.


We are not advocating for the practice of Socialism or Communism. We are simply exposing you all to the fallacies and pitfalls of such systems.

These Socialists and Communists failed to realize that our greed, our materialism, and our tendency to compete are far more important to us than equality. We all want social mobility. We all want to be better and richer than the next person. We all aspire to become just like the factory owners for whom we are working for.

If you agree with these ideas then come be a Classical Liberalist, instead!

Sincerely, the Classical Liberalists.