HOS Meeting Notes


Students First

FAST: Pulse Check 3 results are coming out Friday for all schools. The families are not only going to be asked about satisfaction, but also will be asked how they feel they are doing keeping up with the schedule and if they need any help from the school. Families with a decline in satisfaction, or any indicating they need help will need to be contacted by Monday close of business (likely by the HR teacher).

Tenille and Summer will be out next week. Fast and IC Leads will be presenting for Tenille and Summer in next week's meetings. The meetings will still take place, and will still have very valuable information to cover!

Dashboard Review

The Academic Plan dashboard came out on Monday in Laura's newsletter. The Operational Health Dashboard is a great place to get a pulse on what's happening operationally with your school! There are several charts to show if all of your kids are in the right number of courses, if all of the appropriate classrooms have been assigned, and a tab specifically with withdrawal metrics (using the new WD form only). If you have questions about how to use the dashboard, please contact Laura or Lyndsey!

The newsletter has a Academic Tracker Data Report section, which will show the data concerns (# of students not logged in for 10+ days). There is also now a FAST, Strong Start section and Academic Plan section so you can see at a quick glance a high overview of what your data is showing. If you have questions about these newsletters, please contact Laura!

Laura sends the newsletter every Monday, the dashboards are posted every Monday and Wednesday, so please check for updates!

No Discrimination - Title IX

Laurel spoke today about the Title IX guidelines as an overview, and provided a bank of resources we can use to apply this at schools. Title IX prohibits discrimination based on sex, in education programs and activities in federally funded schools, at all levels. Gender expression, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, disability, race, nation of origin are some of the protections provided by Title IX. This has been most recently in the news for transgender and pregnant students, whom are also protected under Title IX.

To-do: We need at least one Title IX Coordinator per school (by 10/30). It is important to make this present in our schools! Review/prepare discrimination and grievance procedures and acquire appropriate approvals (11/15).

K12 will work to be adding the information from your to-do list to each of your school websites.

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Academic Updates & Reminders

Friday 12pm EST is the Academic Leaders PD, which happens on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month. This is required for Academic Administrators (Principals, Asst. Principals, other academic leaders).

  • Class Connect: Please be sure sure the host teacher is the last to leave any class connect sessions. The attendance/recordings cannot be captured if the host teacher is not the last to leave.
  • School Level Implementation Metrics->Find your folder, click the "..." and click Follow so you can get an email prompt when this is updated.
  • Evidence/Look For's: Please reach out if you need any help! Each standard may have different components, so be sure to score all components.
  • Evaluation is about the implementation. We're not looking to find what's wrong, we're supporting growth and development! The score is the score, let's create some action steps.

Grad Plan Tool

There is a new grad plan tool launching for us to be able to have grad plans in TotalView School. Your POC has been designated by your ops manager, and is listed below. If you would like to make any changes, please contact Lyndsey to make updates.

School Name

CVCS: Crystal Battin

Hoosier VS: Thomas Christenson

Hoosier Ind: Paul Runyan

IAVA: Luci Wulfkuhle

IAVA: Steve Hoff

ISMN: Jenny Ryan

iQMN: Cheryl Bromann

ISIN: Annie Noltemeyer

ISIN: Kristen Heckber

ISMI: Pieter Hoekstra

ISMI: Jennifer Peatross

ISOH: Amber Palmer

ISOH: Becky Grimes

MAVA: Brittany Caulfield

MAVA: Jessie Thoman

MEVA: Michael Susi

MGLVA: Kara Showerman

MNVA: Laura Yehlik

MVCA: Laurie Alexander

OHVA: Kyle Wilkinson

WIVA: Joan Gast

WIVA: Tanya Steger

If your school has an upcoming audit, please complete this survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/11rO_mfFivipmbN5zVnW8YO1IKVaCGYaIysCCD6kwdIs/viewform

Marketing Update

Now that we've passed our October count date, Q2 is generally a slower quarter in terms of the quantity of our local events. We will continue to have some (online events & some in-person sessions) & will update you on the weekly marketing/enrollment calls as to what's going on in your specific state. Things will start to pick up more in Dec/Jan as we see a little bit of a spike in demand for 2nd semester enrollments in the markets that are still accepting new students.

Currently, we're in the process of putting together an 'Enrollment Season' postmortem that will recap local marketing activities from this past Q3/Q4 that we'll share with you as soon as it's completed on our bi-weekly Marketing/Enrollment calls.I I

I will be reaching out to you soon for your input as it relates to our FY18 Marketing Planning sessions which will be scheduled in mid-late November thru December. During these sessions, Marketing will be asking for your input on the past ES – what worked well, what didn't work so well, your specific insight into anything we could be doing better in your market specifically, as well as local insights into competition and any state/Dept. of Education changes or new regulations that we need to be aware of in your state as we begin to plan for next year. So please start to think about that---will try to utilize some of the time in the coming weeks on our bi-weekly Marketing/Enrollment calls to discuss & begin planning for next year, and will schedule one-off calls, if needed.

Tickets, tickets, tickets!

Dave advised there were over 11,000 tickets processed from the National and Regional Help desks. This ticket number does not include the Happy Fox ticket process for the new school email!

Great job IT and thank you for your hard work support!!!

HR Updates

Connie gave an overview of the revised hiring process. Please click the button below to access the new procedure if needed.

Goals for this fiscal year are due 10/31! PMO's should be coming out in the next week or two. Goal types are different, and only certain types can be used- the ones we can't use say "do not use". Competencies are the same for everyone: "Works with passion", "Accountability", "Exhibits courage", and "Trustworthy"- these are automatically loaded. An additional two competencies will be loaded for managers in the coming weeks.

Please take a look at the reporting relationships in UltiPro. If any changes need to be made, please reach out to Christina or Connie!