Elaine Jordan

Elaine Jordan: A Natural Leader

Elaine Jordan

Elaine Jordan is a natural leader, and throughout her high school and college careers, has led many activities, programs, and volunteer events. At the University of Iowa, where she majors in Environmental Biosciences and Geology, Elaine Jordan leads a peer mentoring organization, works as a resident assistant, and participates in Women in Science and Engineering (WISE). In high school she founded the German Club, led several community service projects, and coached for a youth cheerleading program.

Elaine Jordan: Community Service You Can Do

Elaine Jordan is a successful student at the University of Iowa, currently studying Environmental Biosciences and Geology. She is committed to her studies, but she is also committed to making the world a better place. “I have been involved in many community service projects and fundraising for local schools and organizations,” Elaine Jordan says. “I care very deeply for people.”

Elaine Jordan has been involved in book and food drives, various fundraising efforts, grounds cleaning for a local elementary school, and working at a cancer in-patient unit. She understands the importance of giving back to her community, and believes that everyone needs a little help at some point. Elaine Jordan described some of the many opportunities for community service that just about anyone can do.

There are plenty of volunteer opportunities that help the environment. These are of particular interest to Elaine Jordan. “I’m very environmentally aware and concerned,” she says. Ideas include planting a neighborhood garden or a tree – with proper municipal permissions, of course – or launching a campaign to get friends and relatives to put their computers and other electronic devices in sleep mode when not in use, thereby saving energy. Organizing a community cleanup day is always a great idea, as is helping clear hiking trails, or performing beach cleanups.

Other possibilities include volunteering at an animal shelter. Animal shelters are always in need of help. Or, Elaine Jordan says, you could volunteer your time at a senior center. Another idea is collecting donated items to send to American troops overseas. There are service organizations in every town that package donated items, and send to individually named service members.

The goal, Elaine Jordan says, is to make the world a better place.

Elaine Jordan Elaine Jordan has always been oriented toward the great outdoors

Elaine Jordan has always been oriented toward the great outdoors, and finds that getting in touch with nature is a great way for her to recharge her batteries. “I love being and appreciating the outdoors,” she said. “I love hiking, water skiing, camping, canoeing, snow skiing.”

One of the biggest venues for outdoor activities in the Iowa City area is Coralville Lake. Technically a reservoir, Coralville Lake offers swimming and boating during the summer months, and is surrounded by a network of trails for hiking and biking. There is plenty of camping at Coralville Lake, too. Elaine Jordan has taken advantage of all that Coralville Lake has to offer.

Elaine Jordan has taken her passion for outdoor activities to the University of Iowa, where she is studying Environmental Biosciences and Geology. She has been a member of the school’s Waterski and Wakeboard Club for three years.

She was the organization’s secretary one year, and later became its president. Her enthusiasm for waterskiing and wakeboarding has served her well in these roles. “If you are looking to compete or just ski around the lake you’re in luck,” Elaine Jordan tells prospective members. “Anyone can join! The first step is to join our Orgsync group. After that, all you need to do is attend the next meeting.”

Elaine Jordan has been successful in the Waterski and Wakeboard Club because she works hard and is passionate about what she does. If you’re passionate about something, she believes, then it will be infectious for everyone around you.

Elaine Jordan is a student at the University of Iowa

Elaine Jordan has learned that one of the keys to succeeding at something is just by participating. As someone once quipped, showing up is half the battle.

But Elaine Jordan does more than simply show up: she excels. She has done so since high school, when her high school physics team was the Grand Champions at the Regional Physics Olympics at Drake University. Elaine Jordan’s team won for designing and implementing a human powered water heater. The team took the championship by only half a point over the second place team.

Elaine Jordan is now a student at the University of Iowa, where she studies Environmental Biosciences and Geology. She decided on the University of Iowa based on its wide list of degree programs and extracurricular activities. “I’m always involved in multiple activities at any given time,” she says. “It was important for me to attend a school that catered to my interests.”

In terms of academics, Elaine Jordan is a among the best in her class. The Environmental Biosciences and Geology program is very demanding, but Elaine Jordan manages to maintain a high grade point average. She thinks that the university’s curriculum fits well with her learning style, so she has been largely successful in her coursework. Elaine Jordan is well-equipped to perform independent research as a complement to her degree, which few students are able to do.

The University of Iowa has impressive peer mentoring programs, and Elaine Jordan has been active in them since the day she arrived on campus. She is a mentor for Women in Science and Engineering and Complementary and Alternative Medicines. Through these programs, Elaine Jordan has provided invaluable social support for her fellow students. She has been able to share her interest in mind-body healing with the students she works with, which has been a great teaching opportunity for her.

Elaine Jordan: Study Hard for Good Grades

Elaine Jordan is a student at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, where she is majoring in Environmental Biosciences and Geology. She has been a successful student during her time at the University of Iowa, continuing the pattern she established during her years as a student in primary and secondary school.

Elaine Jordan’s formula for good grades sounds easy: she studies hard. Elaine Jordan has learned to commit herself completely to any undertaking she is involved in. During the course of her educational journey, Elaine Jordan has learned several important things about herself: she has a natural ability to lead, and she is an excellent independent learner.

“I have the capacity to conduct my own scientific experiments,” she once said. She demonstrated this capacity during the 2012-2013 term, while studying winter ecology at school. Elaine Jordan conducted an independent experiment about Bluegill fish diet during the winter.

Her hard work has already paid off in several important ways. Elaine Jordan won an Engineering Opportunities Scholarship at the University of Iowa during the 2011-2012 school year. The following year she was nominated for a Cornelia C Cameron Award as the University of Iowa’s Environmental science student of the year.

Another of Elaine Jordan’s keys to academic success boils down to a love of learning. “I’m an avid reader,” she says plainly. She studies her coursework diligently, but also enjoys reading general non-fiction and poetry.

She also thrives on the arts. “I constantly surround myself with art in all forms: dance, literature, music, painting/drawings, and sculptures. I’m especially a fan of surrealism.”

Elaine Jordan: Mentoring Programs

Elaine Jordan is a student at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, where she is majoring in Environmental Biosciences and Geology. During her time there, she has discovered her capacity for leadership, and become very invested in peer mentoring programs. Elaine Jordan knows that being a student can be difficult, and for some students, overwhelming. And so she strives to support her fellow University of Iowa students through various peer mentoring programs.

Elaine Jordan is a mentor with Women in Science and Engineering (WISE). She understands that being a student in the sciences can be tough. Workloads can be heavy, and competition between students can be intense. The pressure can get to the strongest of students.

For this reason, Elaine Jordan believes in the power of peer mentoring as a means of connecting with other students and providing them with a support network. She feels that students in the sciences and engineering should work together, not against each other. That’s why she runs group sessions that foster mindfulness and cooperation.

In addition to her work with WISE, Elaine Jordan is a mentor for Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAM). Through her work with this group, she promotes mind-body awareness and helps students to discover relaxation techniques that work with their needs. “I care very deeply for people,” Elaine Jordan says, “and have done much mind-body work with myself and leading groups.”

Elaine Jordan’s commitment to peer mentoring demonstrates her passion and concern for helping others. Fortunately for her fellow students, Elaine Jordan is always around to lend a helping hand, or provide social support in a difficult situation.

Elaine Jordan: Achieving Academic Success

Elaine Jordan has always been committed to excellence, and committed to her education. Now, as a student at the University of Iowa she studies Environmental Biosciences and Geology, Elaine Jordan has some advice for improving one's academic achievement.

Studying is the single most important way for students to improve their grades. If you can’t seem to get the hang of studying, then Elaine Jordan recommends checking out your school’s academic resource centers. Most universities have peer tutoring programs, which can help you shape an effective and successful studying routine.

Elaine Jordan always reviews her performance on tests, papers, and so on when she gets her grades back from her professors. If she didn’t do as well as she expected, then she reviews what she did to see how she can improve. If, on the other hand, she scored well, then she reviews what she did correctly. Both tactics can be helpful. Elaine Jordan highly emphasizes reflecting on both your failures and your successes, so you can determine which areas you have strengths and weaknesses in.

From firsthand experience, Elaine Jordan can tell you that even the most motivated students can experience periods of burnout. She believes that making time for self-care is essential when you’re a student. Whether this means watching another hour of television, or going out with friends, taking breaks from your work goes a long way in terms of promoting your mental health. Elaine Jordan finds it useful to get outdoors. She has also used dance as a means of letting off steam. Elaine Jordan has studied jazz, tap, funk tap, and ballet. She has even had three solo performances and one duet performance.

Elaine Jordan: The Value of Community Service

Elaine Jordan believes in the importance of community service because of the positive impact it can have. She knows that without events such as food and clothing drives, many people would miss out on important resources. “I have been involved in many community service projects and fundraising for local schools and organizations.”

Elaine Jordan believes that positive change doesn’t have to be on a community-wide scale to have an impact; instead, she thinks that helping just one person can be enough. “I care very deeply for people,” she says. It is this compassion that led her volunteer at the University of Iowa Hospital’s cancer in-patient unit.

Those who know Elaine Jordan can speak to her passion for volunteering and community service. Elaine Jordan has a long history of community service, which dates back to when she was a student in high school. She highly values charitable service, and always encourages her fellow students to get involved.

Elaine Jordan loves the feeling that she has done something good for her community. Whether she’s helping out a local food bank, mentoring, or organizing a book drive, she knows that she is doing something constructive. Elaine Jordan strongly encourages everyone to try community service at some point, because you’re guaranteed to feel good about your work.

Finally, Elaine Jordan knows that community service can be a great way to make important and lasting connections. In her own experience, she has greatly expanded her social network through volunteering. As community service brings likeminded people together, volunteering events are excellent methods for making new friends and acquaintances.

Elaine Jordan.

Elaine Jordan.