Antique Jewellery In India

Indian Antique Jewellery Is Perfect For Indian Bride

The charm and charisma of the Indian bride lends anunseen and ethereal substance to the air around. The tinkle and jangle of bridal ornaments proclaim and herald a new birth in the lives of the two soul-mates, soon to be united forever. Lend a few moments to where the yellow and silver metals do the talking! From Kolhapuri, Theva to Kundan and many more, the designers at Ornamentii lay out an elaborate ensemble of Indian Antique jewellery that will accentuate the grace and glory of any Indian bride.

The quintessential woman is known by the reflection of her innate soul bearing on the adornment she adopts. It is like the autumn leaf nestled on the glassy surface of a still lake, begetting ripples ever so often! The mischievous wind may blow it to all and sundry but its golden elegance still remains! Exactly so is the good old Indian antique jewellery, which stays unruffled in its shining majesty, undisturbed by the tides of time!

There is a little girl hidden inside every Indian lady, the one who has grown up watching her grandmother often arraying her ancestral and beloved necklace, or that flamboyant trinket which chimes out ever so gleefully everytime it is handled; she dreams of donning that magnificent necklace and that tinkling bibelot just for the right reason and in the right season.Ornamentiirecognizes and respects this little girl whonourishes the frisky and feminine spirit inside you.

Antique jewellery at Ornamentiicovers a rangeof colourful and exuberant gemstoneembellishments, and glitzy necklets. The Pratapgarhi craftsmanship of working intricate gold-sheets on molten glass (termed as Theva) to the Rajasthani art of Kundankari and the Kolhapuri handiwork from Maharashtra, are just few of the beauties available on the online shelf.

The joy of finding the signature of one’s own identity in the finery we don is inexpressible in itself. It gives us a feeling of being at home with what we have worn, thereby exuding the aplomb and grace from oneself which then comes naturally to one’s persona.

Indian antique jewellery is perfect for the Indian bride not only because it adorns her but also because it is an unspoken expression of love, anticipation, and the most sanctified promise of all time! So go ahead and choose your pick that asserts your identity to the world, and those unsaid sentiments to your life-partner!