Cyber safety and digital footprint

learn about Cyber safety and digital footprint

cyber safety

1.always know who you let follow you on any social media, 2. and if anyone comment something inappropriate then just let an adult know and they can take care of it.3. Also never tell anyone your personal information without an adults "OK" such as an 4. address, 5. email, 6. phone number, 7. and any passwords.

Digital footprint

First digital footprints are when you go to a site or log in it will be recorded in your digital footprint, and if you look up something it would be on it. Last, anytime you login our do anything on the internet it will be on your digital footprint.

here is a helpful site

One last tip

8. never give out your personal information and never agree to meet up with someone you do not know .9. One last thing cyber bully can become illegal if it turns physical.