The OMS Community Newsletter

August 2022

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Welcome 6th Graders!

I hope you are having a restful and enjoyable summer break. We have been busy assigning you to teams, cleaning classrooms, updating technology, and ordering new materials in preparation for your arrival in September.

There are about 275 students entering grade six with you, and I am sure that every one of them is feeling both anxious and excited about transitioning to a new school. We are experts at this transition. Our goal at OMS, especially for our sixth grade students, is to create a safe and welcoming environment where students are encouraged to challenge themselves in the classroom and participate in the full middle school experience. You will experience tremendous physical, academic, and emotional growth over the next few years. We are here to help you get there.

Student schedules will be available on the Parent Portal August 19th.

All sixth graders are invited to come in to OMS on the morning of Thursday, August 25th. Starting at 9am and going until about 10:30, sixth graders will be able to locate their assigned lockers, and put their combination locks on if they have them already. There will also be a sixth-grade scavenger hunt to help get students familiar with those sections of the school that they will be using this school year. Parents/guardians are more than welcome to drop their children off for the scavenger hunt, which will take approximately 25 minutes. Parents/guardians who would like to come in are invited to coffee with the OMS Administration and the PTSO in the Cafetorium.

If you are unable to make it on the 25th, that's OK. Contact the OMS office if you would like to come in before school starts to find and practice opening your locker...or just come in on the first day of school if that's what works for you and your family. Your teachers will give you plenty of time to practice once school begins.

We look forward to meeting you again on Friday, September 2nd for your first school day at OMS. When you arrive to school please report directly to the Cafetorium. Remember that school starts at 7:35am, but you may enter the building as early as 7am.

Looking forward to the best school year ever,

Mr. Colantonio

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Click Here for School Supply Lists

Here, you will find the general school supply list for each grade. All students need a combination lock for their locker.

Grade 6/New Student Orientation (Optional)

Thursday, Aug. 25th, 9-10:30am

211 Cushing Street

Stoughton, MA

  • Get your team and locker assignments!
  • If you have your combination lock already, put it on your locker and practice opening...before the first day of school.
  • Complete the Grade 6 Scavenger Hunt sheet inside your locker.
  • Say hello to members of the staff, and get any remaining questions answered.

Welcome Back 7th and 8th Graders!

I hope you are enjoying your summer vacation.

Student schedules will be available on the Parent Portal August 19th.

We are excited to see you on your first day back at OMS, which is Friday, September 2nd. Remember that first period begins at 7:35am, but you may enter the building as early as 7am. On the first day of school, 7th and 8th graders who arrive before 7:25am will report to the gymnasium. If you arrive after 7:25am, you may report directly to class.

Be sure to bring your combination lock to put on your locker. The rest of your school supplies can be found below.

Remember that you are the role models for the younger students at OMS.

Looking forward to another great school year!

Mr. Colantonio

First Day of School

Friday, Sep. 2nd, 7:30am

211 Cushing Street

Stoughton, MA

Doors open for students as early as 7am.

The first day of school for all students. Sixth graders will report to the cafetorium first for the first couple of days of school.

Seventh and eighth graders who arrive before 7:25am will report to the gymnasium for the first couple of days of school. Those arriving after 7:25 can report directly to their first period/homeroom class.

Student Drop-off and Pick-up

The student drop-off/pick-up area is in the lot in front of the building, along the curb with the yellow stripes.

For morning drop-off, we ask that you pull your car all the way to the second crosswalk. The morning entrance for students is at the second crosswalk. As you enter this area, please drive carefully and be patient. There will be signs and OMS staff members in the parking lot to help direct the traffic in the morning.

Remember that students are able to be dropped off and enter the building as early as 7am. From 7 to 7:15am there is very little drop-off traffic, and we strongly encourage families to drop off at this time if possible.

The traffic is very heavy for afternoon pick-up, especially in the first few weeks of school before after school activities start. The dismissal bell rings at 2:12pm, but most students do not get outside until closer to 2:20pm. Most of the buses exit the front parking lot at around 2:22pm. Please keep this in mind as you plan for pick-up.


Here is a visual of drop-off traffic patterns at OMS:

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Back to School Night for Parents/Guardians

Thursday, Sep. 15th, 6:30-8:30pm

211 Cushing Street

Stoughton, MA

Parents/guardians will get a chance to walk in the shoes of their students for one night by following an abbreviated version of their schedule. Meet the teachers. See the classrooms. Learn about each course your student is taking and get tips and advice for a successful school year.

O'Donnell Middle School

Here is some important information about our school. Please visit the OMS website for more information, including the most up-to-date school calendar.