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Christian Care Committee, Winter 2016

Joys & Sorrows: Stronger together in prayer

Our community has had challenges in the last few months that have been met with an outpouring of support and compassion. Please continue to pray for God's peace in the lives of all in our community, and for these concerns in a special way:

  • Dylan Freese as he continues treatment for cancer
  • Matt Plank and the loss of his father and illness of his stepfather
  • Wes Stratman and the loss of his grandmother
  • Brian Parks and the loss of his grandmother
  • 2015 graduate Jaydin Clayton and the loss of his father

Educational Exchange

In October, Matt Plank (Spanish) accompanied his wife, Tracy (Vice-President of Governmental Affairs for the Missouri Chamber of Commerce), on a trip to Cuba with legislators and lobbyists from the State of Missouri. His reflection about the experience follows.

Going to Cuba was like going back in time. It was as though the rest of the world kept turning while the people of Cuba stayed in the 50's. Most buildings and a lot of vehicles were still from the 50's because of the embargo by the United States. One highlight from the trip was visiting the Cigar factory. Cigars are one of the main products of Cuba and there were large rooms filled with person after person hand rolling the cigars. Another highlight was watching some of the traditional dance and music performers. In the end, it was nice to experience Cuba before the explosion of development that is sure to happen as relations between Cuba and the U.S. open up again.


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Andrew Wolfe, one of Kristie's eldest (twins), finished his training in the F/A-18 Super Hornet this past month. He carrier-qualified on the USS Eisenhower just a few weeks ago. He graduated from the US Naval Academy in 2012, and has been in flight training since then. He has been assigned to VFA-213, stationed at NAS Oceana in Virginia Beach. He will continue to train with his new fleet squadron for the remainder of 2016, and expects to be deployed in December 2016, in support of our military operations somewhere around the world.

This photo above is Andrew catching the 3-wire on the deck of the USS Eisenhower (landing his jet on the carrier).

Celebrate happy times!

Brittany Hayes (science) announced her engagement to Matt Copeland on December 18. The couple will exchange wedding vows this July! Brittany and Matt met and became friends in college. They started dating after leading Bible study together at their church. Matt surprised Brittany with the proposal during a date, but he had already made the drive (120 miles to St. Peters, MO) to formally ask permission from Brittany's father. Many blessings to them as they plan for their new life together!

Baby News

  • Katie Tesoro (French and social studies) announced the happy news that baby (girl!) Taggart is expected in July.
  • Math teacher, Wes Stratman, awaits the arrival of Stratman baby No. 2 this May. If all goes as predicted, the baby will just clear finals week!

Faculty Writers

Kellie Moore (English) recently had not one but two articles published in her favorite online magazine, Verily. Check them out!

Ericca Thornhill's latest novel will debut in June. Don't miss this sci-fi adventure entitled, Star Gambler. Ericca's sister is featured in the cover photo.


Kudos to Charissa Consiglio (Spanish) whose son and daughter have both been recognized for their involvement in their favorite pastimes.

  • Guillermo Hernandez, Charissa's 15 year-old son (a sophomore at Rock Bridge High School), was selected as the city of Columbia volunteer of the month last September for his work on multiple city gardens including the Stormy Meadows garden.
  • Cecelia Hernandez, Charissa's 10 year-old daughter (a 5th grader at Southern Boone Elementary School), was honored as the Chris Trevino "Star of the Month" for her horsemanship skills.

A Heart for Service

The activities of our clubs and organizations embody the spirit of Catholic education through their wonderful works of charity and their demonstration of respect for the dignity of every human person. One of these annual activities is the March for Life in Washington, D.C. each January. Below, Paulina Tramel (English) reflects on this year's trip.

Even though we were unable to actually participate in the March due to Snowzilla, there are so many other things we DID do that made the trip powerful. Watching the participation of the students in the Youth Rally, and hearing their witnesses on the way home really touched my heart. Hearing students already talking about next year's trip makes me know we are doing a good thing here, and we hope it continues to grow. Getting a blessing from Cardinal Dolan at the Mass and a blessing from Cardinal DiNardo at the Youth Rally was also a pretty nice bonus.

To read more about the trip see the Tolton Times.

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Photo source: Steubenville Conferences Daily e-Spirations, January 15, 2016