How To Survive Middle School

The Guide To Be The Best You Can!

Welcome To Sixth Grade

Sixth grade is going to be one of the most fun times of your life and possibly the worst. Most likely its going to be super fun! Overall your going to make a lot of new friends, meet some pretty cool people, and have some nice teachers.

Strike System

Okay, I need to just get this off my chest but the strike system is not hard. The strike system are just rules you need to follow so the teachers can prepare you for 7th grade. A lot of the rules you will already know and are basically common sense. So don't worry about it you'll do fine.

Here Are The Three R's

How To Open Your Locker

Opening your locker is easy and once you start doing it more your going to be able to open it in a snap! To open your locker you need to have time where your not rushed. Now i know you must be thinking that we only have 3 minutes between classes but its actually a lot of time. Click on the video above to learn how to open your locker.

Hickory Hills Middle School

Hickory Hills Middle School is one of the best school's in town! We are an ignite school who likes to help our community. Purple is the new green!