The Gilded Age

Shane Odom

Gilded Age

Gilded- barely covered in a film of gold

The Gilded Age was a time when America's economy, mainly industry, took flight and soared. It was coined the Gilded Age by Mark Twain and Charles Warner for the reason that America's economical boom was riddled with corruption and monopolies by small groups of men. Hence that at the heart of such a golden age was a heart of lead dark, cruel, and dead.

Bloody Shirt Campaign

Bloody Shirt- euphemism for reminding the South and former Confederacy what they had done not more than five years before.

Grant ran against Seymour and both assured to re-unite the Union and won with 53% of the popular vote and 214 of the 294 Electoral College votes. Mainly because his Republican party members waved the Bloody Shirt.


William "Boss" Tweed- took $200 million in kickbacks and gained political power through immigrant votes by promising them things if he was elected. Accomplished his promises to the immigrants by over paying companies and then having them pay him personally the difference.

Thomas Nast-wrote political cartoons in the New York Times to display Tweed's misconducts to the illiterate and literate. Offered $100,000 and more to stop by Tweed, Nast refused and eventually led to the bringing down of Tweed.

Compromise of 1877

  • Union troops left South
  • End of Reconstruction
  • One Southern Democrat to be elected into President Hayes's cabinet
  • Industrialize South
  • Transcontinental railroad from Texas to the Pacific