Boston, MA

by: Lexi Woods


  • absolute location 42 degrees north 71 degrees west
  • relative location about a hour a way from Providence, RI
  • nearby location Lincoln Woods lake Lincoln, RI, sand hill cove beach RI, the Charles river Boston, MA, forest hills Boston, mount mount grey cock
  • the population is 636,479


  • January low 22 high 36/ July low 64 high 86
  • February low 24 high 38/ august low 56 high 80
  • march low 31 high 46/ September low 58 high 72
  • April low 40 high 56/ October low 46 high 61
  • may low 50 high 66/ November low 37 high 51
  • June low 59 high 76/ December low 27 high 1


freedom trail, fun way park, Boston common, new England aquarium, Boston harbor hotels, harbor,museum of fine arts Boston, public garden,museum of science, the children's museum, Franklin park200, prudential tower, museum natural history, George islands, bunker hill monument, etc....

major industries

manufacturing of telecommunications equipment, electrical equipment, textiles, shoe making, metal products, fishing and food products. Farming includes dairy, cranberries and poultry.

historical significance

New England, puritan, American revolution, Boston tea party, bunker hill, siege of Boston, civil war, etc.........

sport teams

intresting facts

  • i am from around the area of Boston
  • its a nice place to visit
  • best time of year to be in Boston is late spring early summer that is the best temperature you will feel there