ice cap is part of the polar region

Climate locaton

This area is in the polar temperature zone. It is located at 80 degrees south, and 80 degrees north. The ice cap is a very cold area. The average temperature is between -20 degrees Celsius and -30 degrees Celsius.

Yearly precipitation

This area averages about 10 inches of precipitation a year, or 250 millimeters of precipitation. It is cold so most precipitation is snowfall. This is not a lot of precipitation. When it does snow it is like a blizzard, there is heavy winds which causes blowing snow.

Seasons and temperature range

The ice cap has bitterly cold winters. It is just a little warmer during summer. Snow is still likely in the summer. Most of the Glaciers melt during the summer.

Factors affecting climate

The Ice Cap barely any ocean currents, because it freezes before it will hit something. This area gets very strong winds. It is located in the north and south pole. Polar bears and Seals live here. The higher the altitude the more ice there will be.. No mountains, but there is high glaciers. Glaciers can cause rain shadows, which is precipitation on one side of the mountain and no precipitation on the other. The area is located at 89 degrees north and 0 degrees west which this part is in the the north pole. The other ice cap area is in the continent of Antarctica.