The Only Game By: Mike Lupica

Aidan Armato

Small Falls

Escape to the highest point in Walton and you will find yourself looking at a fantastic view, Small Falls! Follow a hidden, but well-beaten path and you will find this hidden gem. This majestic waterfall is surrounded by lush plant life and tumbles down to the Walton River. It is a scene that cannot be missed on your trip to Walton!

Highland Park

Enjoy a day at the youth baseball fields in the heart of Walton! These manicured fields provides state-of-the-art facilities to serve our youth. Fresh and new, they are the best game in town! There are four picture perfect fields, a concession stand that boasts the best hot dogs in town, and bleachers that are fit for a king! Play ball!

The Walton River

Whether you love to fish or relax on the water, Walton River is the perfect place! With its tranquil and natural environment, it is the ideal place for everyone! Topaz water and brilliant sunsets are waiting for you! The unclouded and crystal clear water is the talk of the town. Rafting, fishing, and water sports are world-class and are only a stone's throw away at Walton River!

Jack Callahan

" The Walton River is one of the most relaxing and fun places to spend a weekend at in Walton! My family loves to come here every chance we get! The fishing and the view are great. But, my favorite thing to do here is to skip rocks across the water and try to make it all the way to the other side!"

Cassie Bennett

"Small Falls is the most beautiful place in all of Walton! This is our town's version of Niagara Falls!"

Gus Morales

"Baseball is the center of everything in Walton, and our baseball fields are the best! The grass is a perfect green like it had been painted on and the dirt is like it has been brought here from the big leagues!"