Cold War background

The Cold War was a war fought without any bloodshed between the U.S and Russia. It was a war of Democracy vs Communism.


Containment prolonged the cold war because President Truman made ineffective and unrealistic goals because of this idea of Containment and therefore prolonging the Cold War.

Iron Curtain

This made the Cold War longer because this metaphorical saying meant that Russia was creating a 2nd World of Communism which forced the U.S. to act.


Nato prolonged the Cold War because it basically said if you attack one world war 3 happens so it created longstanding tension

Warsaw Pact

Again like Nato this was Russia and its allies threatening Nato and creating more tension.


This prolonged the Cold War because the U.S. and Russia were tempting each other to Nuclear War but never crossing the line

Ho Chi Minh

He extended the cold war because he tempted the U.S. to intervene in Vietnam to stop the spread of Communism.

Cuban Missle Crisis

This prolonged the Cold War because neither side knew what to do so each side just threatened each other.

38th Parallel

This extended the Cold War because it showed the result of a long pointless war that neither side gained anything just like the Cold War