AP Macroeconomics Course Update

September 26th, 2015

Are we there yet?

We are reaching a midpoint in our semester! Your grade at this time will likely stay around the same from here on out. Please contact me with any concerns.

As a reminder, most public schools observe some form of a fall break, but GAVS does not. Please be reminded that having fall break if not an excuse for missing work. Please work ahead!

PLEASE check your email, news feed, and pager daily!

I have been sending emails with updates and expectations in them yet am receiving many emails regarding the same information that I have sent out. If you are not receiving these, please email me.

NOTICE: Monday Chat WILL NOT be live!

I have open house at my face to face school. Please be on the lookout for a chat that I will record. Email if you need to set up a time to attend tutoring.

Late work due by Tuesday, September 29th by midnight!

Next Due Date is October 8th by Midnight